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Oscars May Be Delayed Until April as Academy Extends Eligibility Window

Oscars May Be Delayed Until April as Academy Extends Eligibility Window

  • The Academy may delay the Oscars 2021 ceremony to April as it may also extend its eligibility window.
The Academy to Consider Postponing 2021 Oscars

The Oscars 2021 may not be happening during their traditional February time slot. The Academy may be pushing the ceremony to April due to the COVID-19 pandemic which disrupted the entertainment industry.

The Academy had previously updated its eligibility rules for the year to accommodate films that premiered as a premium on-demand instead of a theatrical release. However, as movie theaters are having a slower than expected reopening, it can further alter releases. Warner Bros. recently announced that it pushed back Tenet to the end of July, which was supposed to be the first major release as theaters opened up.

The possibility of the 2021 ceremony being postponed had already been brought up but THR reports that the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences’ board of governors will decide whether or not to delay it by eight weeks. The board of governors will also decide whether to extend the eligibility window beyond December 31, 2020.

Although the Academy had had to adjust the ceremony before, this year could make the biggest difference as studios will be forced to delay films or go the PVOD route.

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The Academy also made the decision to guarantee 10 Best Picture nominees per year starting in 2022, in hopes to promote more diversity within nominees.

Coronavirus cases have been steadily climbing again which is causing people not to go out and movie theaters becoming less of a priority. Tenet will be a big indicator of whether studios will begin pushing their movie releases back and how that will affect the industry.

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