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Olivia Morreale Releases ‘SPACE DREAMS’ EP

Olivia Morreale Releases ‘SPACE DREAMS’ EP

Olivia Morreale

Los Angeles-based artist/songwriter/producer Olivia Morreale has shared her new EP, SPACE DREAMS. The 4-track project includes previous singles, “NO ANSWER,” “PARASOMNIA” and “Another Moon,” as well as a brand new track titled “Matter of Time.” The EP is available here.

Created in close collaboration with fellow songwriter and producer Eli Koskoff, Morreale’s SPACE DREAMS EP is an electrifying listen from start to finish. Morreale revolts against genre limitations, drawing from a myriad of influences ranging from classic jazz to electronica, alt-R&B to 70s-era funk, and soul to bedroom pop, while still crafting a unique soundscape all of her own. Lyrically, the EP examines the ways in which escapism can be accessed through imagination and dreams, mirroring the soothing, dreamy production that underscores each song.

“The overarching theme of dreams allowed us to explore through music those deeper subconscious thoughts that are sometimes difficult to address in everyday life and to create a space for exploration and imagination,” Morreale says.

1. No Answer
2. Another Moon
3. Parasomnia
4. Matter of Time

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