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Nykki Asserts Self Worth In Empowering New Song ‘Me Over You’

Nykki Asserts Self Worth In Empowering New Song ‘Me Over You’


Nykki asserts self-worth in the empowering new song “Me Over You.” The song comes with an accompanying music video. Find the track here

Written and recorded during the lockdown, “Me Over You” is the product of a series of transatlantic online sessions between Nykki and Salt Ashes’ collaborators, British writing and production duo The Radiators aka Louis Souyave & Maddox Jones. Invoking mighty anthemic hooks over soaring beats, the song is destined to become the post-summer soundtrack for gloomy winter days. The accompanying music video is directed by director and DOP Jan Strach with footage captured over a three-day road trip between the Italian coast and Rome.

Talking about the song, Nykki explains: “I wrote this song when lockdown stalled my career for a bit. I just moved to Raleigh in North Carolina to find new inspiration. When I connected with The Radiators and we started writing together, we came out with a completely different song. I then called them back and asked them to work with me on this very personal lyric idea I had. ‘Me Over You’, is about reminding myself I’m all I need sometimes and start choosing me over everybody else. Production wise I wanted a delicate start that built towards something more uplifting and strong as the song progressed.”

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