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Nijuu Announces New EP, Shares Single ‘나에게로 Come To Me’

Nijuu Announces New EP, Shares Single ‘나에게로 Come To Me’

Nijuu Announces New EP, Shares Single '나에게로 Come To Me'

Indie dream-pop artist nijuu has announced her forthcoming EP nijuu in the forest and shared the new single “나에게로 Come To Me” from the project. The new release will follow her debut EP nijuu in the sea, a 7 track collection released in 2020 which included singles such as “Sand Castle,” “Blue,” and “Deep Down.”

About the new EP, nijuu shares, “The key theme on nijuu in the forest is about ‘growth’ and about the journey to find a new place where I could learn more and be more independent. nijuu in the sea was about a little girl who just got separated from home, learning to find the way out of the darkness. If nijuu in the sea was like a little bird who just broke out from the egg then nijuu in the forest is about the little bird trying to learn how to fly and move its wings. Like learning to have more maturity and awareness (mentally, physically) and to be a better person.”

On the inspiration to write “나에게로 Come To Me,” nijuu reflects, “I was thinking about – who am I? I was questioning myself again and again. And always I thought I’m no one. I’m not special. I’m nothing. In 2018, I was walking on an uphill road, I saw the sunset and I felt like the light told me ‘come to Me, please come to me. You are not gonna be staying in the dark. If you feel nothing, that means you could be anything’ and right after I went back home and wrote the song.”

The making of nijuu in the forest saw nijuu draw on her community of musical companions, both from home and across the sea. Completed on her return to South Korea, its credits include a host of friends and new producers, as well as remote collaborations with her former bandmates in London. Closer to home, the EP also includes some backing vocals from nijuu’s mom, and piano contributions from her high school music teacher Lhim Huh, “That means a lot to me because he’s the person who taught me what good music is, I learnt from him the root of my music.” nijuu also comments that his appearance feels fortuitous, as the meaning of his name is “forest.” 

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Listen to “나에게로 Come To Me” below.

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