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New Music Friday: 9.25.20

New Music Friday: 9.25.20

It’s another week full of music. If you need to refill your playlist, this is the time. Don’t forget to check out our music section to check out releases during the week but for now, here’s the highlights for the New Music Friday roundup.

Ronnie Watts – Sad Summer

Ronnie Watts has dropped her new EP I DON’T TRUST U AT ALL today. The singer dropped her summer breakup song “Sad Summer” to give fans a preview of what to expect.

Ricky Dillard – Choirmaster: The Chicago House Remixes

Ricky Dillard has dropped remixes of his tracks to get your inner choir singer on with a beat. “For 30 years now, I’ve made music for Sunday morning, directing my award-winning choir, New G.,” says Dillard. “But I started my career as a recording artist in the classic Chicago house music scene, where we made feel-good music for dance clubs, not the church. My choir music has always had house elements in it, but now I’ve flipped it to put the choir into some house music the way we used to do it!”

Mike Sabath – Good Energy

Mike Sabath has dropped “Good Energy.” “I made this song before the current state of the world all went down. It was tapped into a place of bliss and you can feel it, it’s real. It’s not like I was trying to make a ‘good energy’ song, it was like, I was just feeling great…and I need the song personally right now and I know other people need it too,” said Mike Sabath.

Amy Allen – Heaven

For a personal track, Amy Allen has dropped the honest song “Heaven.” “I grew up watching two people I love struggle with addiction and ultimately lost them both last year. I tried so hard to avoid writing about something so painful, but I kept hearing the line, ‘You’ve never been to Heaven but you got pretty close last night’ in my head and it felt like the song wrote itself. I realized how important it is to share these stories so people know they aren’t alone,” said Amy about the new track.

See Also

Maisie Peters – “Maybe Don’t” (Feat. JP Saxe)

Maisie Peters and JP Saxe pair up for the new single “Maybe Don’t.” A conversational love song, highlighting the contrasting feelings and vulnerabilities experienced during a relationship, “Maybe Don’t” is an instantly memorable and timeless track, showcasing the eloquence of both artists. 

Su Presencia – La Luz (Feat. Marcos Witt)

Over in the Spanish music side, Su Presencia and Marcos Witt also come together for the new worship song, “La Luz.”

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