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New Music Friday: 9.24.21

New Music Friday: 9.24.21

It’s officially Fall and while the leaves begin to crisp, it’s always a good time for music. The new season brings debuts and personal songs. Here is this week’s New Music Friday.

Harley Alaska – Lose You Too

Harley Alaska shared the debut single “Lose You Too.” About the track, he says, “When my last relationship ended I really had to re-find the person who I was…or wanted to be.  My identity was so wound up in somebody else that I was really lost for a while. When you’re young it’s especially tough… you don’t really have a solid idea of who you are in the first place.”

Neda – Lewisham High St

Neda has released the new song “Lewisham High St.” Neda explained, “I wrote the song ‘Lewisham High St’ after listening to a lot of country music, including artists such as Connie Smith and Ricky Nelson. I wanted to write a song that combined both where I’m from and the music I listen to and love. I can sometimes be a perfectionist when it comes to writing lyrics, which can definitely be a creative barrier. Instead, when I wrote this song I decided to give myself more freedom rather than constantly refining and doubting the ideas that come to me instinctively.”

Underoath – Pneumonia

Underoath shares the personal new single “Pneumonia.” About the track, guitarist Tim McTague says, “We started writing the song, randomly, on the anniversary of my dad’s death, and to release it exactly a year from that day is wild. I was in a funk and wanted to make something sad but felt drained. The song ended up becoming an audible journey of death and is called ‘Pneumonia’ because that is what was listed on my dad’s death certificate. It’s also the only song in the history of the band that Spencer and Aaron sat someone down and asked them (me) to help write some of the lyrics, which was truly an honor.”

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Sebastian Javier – Day at a Time and Una Dia a la Vez

Sebastian Javier has released two bilingual companion singles “Day at a Time” and “Una Dia a la Vez.” “It’s a reminder to take everything one day at a time and focus on right now,” he shares. “Wake up every day and start fresh.”

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