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New Music Friday: 9.18.20

New Music Friday: 9.18.20

It’s time for the best time of the week and there’s a lot to share. The fall releases are ramping up and it’s a good time to be a music lover. Whether you’re waiting for BTS’s remixes or replaying your fall favorites, here’s is this week’s New Music Friday.

LANY – cowboy in LA

LANY has dropped their next single from their forthcoming album. “cowboy in LA” is the quintessential LANY song and the band found what sound represents them and is sticking to it. Their album is set to release next month.

Elliphant – Time Machine

Elliphant has dropped “Time Machine” a sweet ode to friendship. “To have an old friend means having your own time machine. This song is an embrace to a group of girlfriends that have been my anchor for more than 20 years,” Elliphant says. “We all have been through so much, but when we get together, time stops and we are 13 again. It’s like nothing has or will ever change; through their eyes, I am forever young.”

Liza Owen – Getting Good

Liza Owen has dropped “Getting Good,” a grungy song with a message. “This song is really about self destruction and recognising that sometimes we’re all a bit lost,”
says Owen. “It’s kind of a dark song, but there’s also a weird sense of empowerment in just owning that darker side of yourself and all your floors.”

Brother Elsey – Honey

If you need a mellow moody song, “Honey” is it. Brother Elsey says of the song: “Honey is a song that came from a writing prompt by a fan. I like to post a question asking people what I should write about, and honey was an idea that caught my eye right away. Honey can be sexy and sweet and messy as hell and I like the idea of drowning in it.” 

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Samuel Suh – The Creator

For your reggae worship needs, Samuel Suh has a new single “The Creator.” If you want to freshen up your worship playlist, this song will be it.

Hiccup – Valley

Hiccup have dropped the dreamy track “Valley.” While the track talks about missing someone the melodies make it perfect to listen while your windows are down enjoying the fall breeze.

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