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New Music Friday: 9.10.21

New Music Friday: 9.10.21

Weird Genius

With the air getting crisper and entering the season before Christmas floods the radio, there’s always a good week in music. If you need something to vibe with or something to resonate with accepting yourself, it’s all ready for you to hear. Here’s this week’s New Music Friday.

Weird Genius, Violette Wautier – Future Ghost

Weird Genius team up with Violette Wautier for “Future Ghost.” “‘Future Ghost’ is our take on making something that is very emotional to us and a contrast to our usual upbeat EDM sound,” explains Weird Genius. “We’re super excited to be able to work with Violette. Her voice fits exactly how we pictured it when we first had ideas for the track. We had to do the work and brainstorming online as travelling abroad from Indonesia is hard lately, due to COVID restrictions. We really wish we could meet her inperson but we’re still glad everything wrapped up really well!”

The Darkness – Nobody Can See Me Cry

The Darkness shares their new song “Nobody Can See Me Cry.” Regarding the single Justin Hawkins says, “Nobody Can See Me Cry. It’s devastating. I yearn to be seen. On this I’ll settle for being heard. Listen to this song, it’s brilliant. I should know, I sang it.”

Andy Grammer – Damn It Feels Good To Be Me

Andy Grammer drops the personal track “Damn It Feels Good To Be Me.” Grammer says, “The pandemic forced me to spend nearly two years stripped of the identity I had worked hard to create for myself in the world. I had the gift of time to re-examine a lot and realized that sometimes in an effort to fit in with culture I am tempted to turn myself down for the fear of not being accepted. So, I wrote ‘Damn It Feels Good To Be Me’ as a reminder to myself to follow the beat of my own drum. I want this song to be for those who have come to that point in their life where they’re just FINALLY enjoying the freedom of self-acceptance.”

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Aquilo – I Wanna See You Smile

Aquila released their new single “I Wanna See You Smile.” “‘I Wanna See You Smile’ feels like a song we could have written a long time ago. It’s a song about acceptance and wanting the best for someone that moved on before you did. We feel nervous to let people hear it because it’s vulnerable as fuck. But this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve released a vulnerable song. So hey ho.”

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