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New Music Friday: 8.27.21

New Music Friday: 8.27.21


Whether you still have BTS and Megan Thee Stallion’s “Butter” remix on repeat or still waiting for Kanye West’s Donda, here are some more releases to add to your weekend playlist. Here is this week’s New Music Friday.

Andrew Tejada – Pregunta

Andrew Tejada has released his latest single “Pregunta.” Tejada says, “The story behind Pregunta is pretty straight to the point. The title stands for “question” and from my point of view, we humans carry a lot of them. I never know what a song is going to be about when making it but for some weird reason the production of this song kinda told me to dive into my unhappy thoughts and confront the main question – “what is the meaning of life”. As personal as I kept this track, I’d like to think that many others can find themselves in this song as well. We are all unique but our pain stems from the same root.”

Yebba – Boomerang

Yebba shares the single “Boomerang” ahead of the release of her debut album Dawn that will be released on September 10. Yebba says, “I wrote ‘Boomerang’ when I first met Mark Ronson.  It’s about a friend of mine who was in an incredibly toxic relationship where, as soon as she had a baby, her husband started beating her. Because I’ve never been married and I’ve never had a kid, the best way I knew how to tell that story was to describe how I feel when I’m blindsided by a relationship, and the shock that comes with that. I walked into this space in my mind where I find the one I love in someone else’s bed, and my mind goes right to violence. It’s the kind of thing where you have so much comfortability with rage, you’re able to think through it logically—like: ‘If I shoot him in the stomach, I’m gonna have to pay his hospital bill, so fuck that. If I shoot him in the head, then I could be convicted of murder. So what am I supposed to do?’ It ends up being a picture of running with your rage, and just trusting that karma will come back around and take care of things for you.”

Griff – One Night

Griff has continued her busy year with the release of “One Night.” The up-and-coming artist has already received wide acclaim winningthis year’s Rising Star award at the BRIT Awards and making her US TV debut on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Griff released her mixtape in June.

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Aidan Martin – Good Thing Take Time

Singer/songwriter Aidan Martin makes his debut with Warner Music with the single “Good Things Take Time.” “My songs represent a collection of stories from someone who has faced their demons head on and is stronger now for it. My past, though painful, is a beautiful part of who I am. Accepting and relishing in this has been an essential catharsis for me. Being on the other side now, I hope my story can act as a source of hope for others. A reminder that you are more than the chains that bind you and that good things really do take time,” said Martin.

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