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New Music Friday: 8.13.21

New Music Friday: 8.13.21

Omega X

In one last push to end summer with a bang, artists are sharing their tracks to keep listeners keep the energy up and give the season its final hype tracks before fall comes. Here is this week’s New Music Friday.


Following their successful debut with “Vamos,” OMEGA X have released a special music video for their track “OMEGA X” giving fans a chance to see the visuals for their electric song.

Inner Wave – June

LA band Inner Wave released a second track from the forthcoming album Apoptosi, “June.” About the track, singer/guitarist Pablo Sotelo says, “I had written this song on my acoustic initially. When I brought it to the guys it came together very quickly.”

Conor Albert – Keep Your Faith

The freshly signed Ninja Tune artist Conor Albert has released his new single “Keep Your Faith.” Of the new single, Conor said, “The song is about the latter stages of my last relationship. My ex felt that I basically didn’t love her anymore and this is a song I wrote to try and express the ways that I still did and how we should hold on to the relationship. We did end up splitting in the end which makes the song bittersweet but I’m glad I have that moment of my life crystallised to look back on. This is the most personal, exposing song I have ever released.”

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AJA – The Mess You Made

AJA has dropped the music video for her single “The Mess You Made.” “The message behind this record is that your emotional & life experiences can only help you become a stronger person. It’s never fun to clean up someone else’s emotional mess but it’s a process that can only make you stronger,” AJA said about the song.

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