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New Music Friday: 7.23.21

New Music Friday: 7.23.21

New Music Friday is here and full of music to get your playlist going. Whether you need an inspirational song or a song to inspire you for the weekend, here’s what’s new this week.

Suran – Blanket Feat. Wonstein

Suran has teamed up with Wonstein for the new track “Blanket.” The cozy track is centered around the idea of wanting to go outside and play but realizing it’s better to stay at home and be wrapped up in a blanket.

MC Salum – To the Teeth

MC Salum has released the track “To the Teeth.” About the track he says, “I wanted to show people I’m hungry. The name itself implies I’m ready to keep going till the end. I have a destiny and I’m looking to fulfil it, but at what cost. I hope people get hyped when they hear it and feel like they can take on anything.”

Project Hilts – Dark Side

With the announcement of their EP Still Here, Project Hilts have released “Dark Side.” Regarding the track, vocalist Liv Browning says, “‘’Dark Side’ is all about that forbidden fruit kind-of romance. It describes the temptation of wanting to be with someone who you can’t have or know is bad for you, so the “dark side” represents a place where you can explore those desires even though you know it’s wrong. The song aims to provoke the feeling of giving into temptation and basking in that guilty pleasure.”

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Iryne Rock – What Love Is

Iryne Rock has released her new song “What Love Is.” “I was at the point where I was about to give up and convinced myself that the prayer I had been praying for so long wasn’t God’s plan for me and my family,” Rock says, adding that receiving God’s answer profoundly impacted her faith journey. “I experienced God’s power that opened more doors and I am at a higher spiritual walk than I have ever been,” she says.

DAISY WORLD – Sundown / Six Two

DAISY WORLD makes her solo debut with two tracks “Sundown” and “Six Two.” Of the tracks, Daisy commented: “Sundown…oh Sundown…this song is about a very complex love situation that was consuming my life at the time. I fell for someone that I wasn’t supposed to…as we all do at some point, and when the distractions of the day would come to an end I found myself in this nightly sorrow just thinking about it. I wanted to encompass all the emotions I went through, sadness, longing, vulnerability, anger, frustration ALL OF IT smushed into one song.”

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