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New Music Friday: 7.23.20

New Music Friday: 7.23.20

New Music Friday: 7.23.20

This week saw a lot of new music, each special in their own way. While everyone still needs quiet moments to reflex, this week’s picks have something calming to offer. If you need to roll down your windows or a moment of peace, here’s this week’s New Music Friday.

Sleeping At Last – July 22, 2020: C / 2020 F3 – Comet Neowise

Sleeping At Last continues to put out the most beautiful, peaceful music. The new piano/cello filled track is whimsical and is inspired by a comet, which the artist shared, “I was inspired to write something worthy of its beauty. And God knows, we need to celebrate good and beautiful things in 2020. Always, but especially now.”

Cloe Wilder – You and Lonely

Indie pop artists Cloe Wilder shares her new track “You and Lonely.” She says, “Even pre-COVID, I knew that I wanted to create a lonely video, with just me, and I think we captured that. Loneliness is a pretty collective emotion, especially now. I want to make people feel a little less lonely, if I can.”

Nick Gaggero – Poder Verte

Local talent Nick Gaggero has released a solo track “Poder Verte.” He shares, “Esta canción significa mucho para mi y mi caminar con Dios. Espero que toque tu corazón y el de muchos más.”

John Mark Mcmillan – Pilgrim (Re-Enchanted)

John Mark Mcmillan has released a remix version of his song “Pilgrim” by Eames. Mcmillan shared this is one of his favorite songs from his Peopled With Dreams album saying “What does it mean “to love God” if not to be obsessed with the powers that led to your existence? And what does is mean to “love your neighbor” if not to see those powers at work in the magnificent beings who compose the fabric of your life?”

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Each, individual human creature is a galaxy of thought, experience, and emotion. You could dedicate your entire time here on earth to exploring just a fragment of one of these “galaxies” and your life would not be wasted. Understand, there is no normal life and there is no ordinary love. There are only phenomenons and miracles. Just because you think you can explain them away with science or religion doesn’t make this any less true. Human life is one of the least common things in the physical universe, and to have a real connection with anyone of these fascinating creatures is certainly a type of Divine experience. A heavenly city would certainly be made up of these organisms, and ironically we walk beside them each day.”

“I have to keep telling myself: “Slow down. You really really really don’t want to miss this.”⁣ ⁣

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