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New Music Friday: 7.16.21

New Music Friday: 7.16.21

With the summer half way over, the push for this year’s summer song is still going strong. Artists are contuining to full our playlists making everyone a happy listener. Here is this week’s New Music Friday.

4 Minutes Later – In My Head

4 Minutes Later have shared their track “In My Head.” “We all have negative thoughts about ourselves, that maybe we aren’t good enough, but don’t let those monsters consume you,” the band says on “In My Head”. “The song is about not letting your own negative thoughts be the loudest in your head. Keep going, keep chasing your dreams, keep being you!”

Lil Mariko – Boring

Lil Mariko drops the new single “Boring” specifically for the launch of Four Loko Records. I wanted to make this song sound like a Four Loko can was screaming at you,” the artist shares.

ViVii – Smackdown

ViVii has released the music video for their song “Smackdown.” About the video, the band said, “We had fun making this video in our basement. It almost has the same vibe as our favourite club in Berlin, minus the crowd though… Can’t wait to play it live!”

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CLAVVS release “O,” the title track to their forthcoming album. “’O’ is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written,” says Amber Renee on the track. “I used to spend days in various NYC cafes and coffee shops writing songs. I’d have a deck of Oblique Strategies cards with me, and on the day I wrote ‘O,’ I pulled a card that said ‘Is it finished?’ So I wrote that question down in my notebook and suddenly this song poured out of me in like 10 minutes. I called Graham right then because I was just that excited about it. The lyrics actually circle back on themselves, like a palindrome, to demonstrate their own meaning. I’m so proud to have written this song. It’s brought me some comfort, especially with my existential dread. Maybe ‘the end’ isn’t what we think it is.”

Indigo Eyes – One More Night

Indigo Eyes teams up with Georgie O’Brien for “One More Night.” Speaking about the single, he said, “One More Night is a disco and house infused song for the summer! As there’s likely no travelling again this year I thought I’d make something I could live vicariously through, with it being something I felt like you could shout in a sweaty nightclub on a holiday abroad. I wrote the lyrics about an ex begging for ‘one more’ chance and being put in their place amidst a heated argument on a night out, which I sent over to Georgie who lent her incredible vocal talent to the track to tie it all together!”

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