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New Music Friday: 6.5.20

New Music Friday: 6.5.20

  • New Music Friday is here to give you a small break. Listen to Fellowship Creative to Julieta Venegas, here's what's new.
New Music Friday: 6.5.20

This has been a heavy week. We hope a new set of songs will give you a tiny break in the midst of it all. Here’s this week’s New Music Friday.

Fellowship Creative – Walls (Live)

“Walls (Live)” was recorded at the 2020 C3 Conference. The band said on Instagram, “We wrote WALLS at the beginning of 2020 and could have never imagined all that would happen in the world leading up to its release. We want to see walls come crashing down right now! Walls of fear, walls of hate, walls of injustice, walls of racism, walls of hopelessness.”

Two Door Cinema Club – Lost Songs (Found)

Two Door Cinema Club is back with “Tiptoes” and a brand new set of songs in Lost Songs (Found). The EP features songs that have not been released before.

Julieta Venegas con la Banda Filarmónica Tukyo’m ët xuxp de San Pedro y San Pablo Ayutla, Oaxaca – Mujeres

Julieta Venegas has dropped the song “Mujeres” with la Banda Filarmónica Tukyo’m ët xuxp de San Pedro y San Pablo Ayutla, Oaxaca. It’s a powerful song giving women power.

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Switchfoot – Harmony Hall

Switchfoot have released the second single from their upcoming covers EP. “Harmony Hall” is a cover from Vampire Weekend and the band has used it to express their thoughts for all that’s going on in the week.

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