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New Music Friday: 6.18.21

New Music Friday: 6.18.21

Summer is heating up and the endless options of summer songs are here. If you need something to dance to or something to reflect on the past year, this week has all the songs you need to add to your playlist. Here is this week’s New Music Friday.


New York dup CLAVVS have released the title track “O” off of the forthcoming album of the same name. “’O’ is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written,” says Amber Renee on the track. “I used to spend days in various NYC cafes and coffee shops writing songs. I’d have a deck of Oblique Strategies cards with me, and on the day I wrote ‘O,’ I pulled a card that said ‘Is it finished?’ So I wrote that question down in my notebook and suddenly this song poured out of me in like 10 minutes. I called Graham right then because I was just that excited about it. The lyrics actually circle back on themselves, like a palindrome, to demonstrate their own meaning. I’m so proud to have written this song. It’s brought me some comfort, especially with my existential dread. Maybe ‘the end’ isn’t what we think it is.”

The album is available for pre-ordered here.


Emanuel has dropped his new album ALT THERAPY along with the music video for his track “Worldwide.” About the album, he says, “This album represents a spiritual self-discovery for me,” says Emanuel. “It’s about the nuances of the human experience. I hope ALT THERAPY inspires others to gain understanding about themselves and the world, and that it’s attached to beautiful memories in their lives the way certain music is attached my mine. That would be an honour.”

Find ALT THERAPY here.

Shea Diamond – Smile

Shea Diamond has dropped the celebratory single “Smile.” “This song reminds me that I’m not the victim society deemed me; I’m a survivor.” Shea said. “When I was at my lowest and my life’s journey became too much to bare, I felt defeated. It reminds me of all the things I thought would break me or that I’d never get through. For all the things I’ve been through, I’ve learned to embrace my struggles, understanding they too shall pass. I remember so many times I felt alone, disposable, and wanted to give up, life threw so much at me all at once. 

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Now I look back on my life with a smile I never thought possible! I’ve moved so far from my nightmare and closer to living the American dream they said would not be accessible to me while living my truth. It reminds me they were wrong. They don’t control my narrative, it belongs to me, and it reminds you as a listener that if someone like me can smile after everything I’ve been through maybe you can too! I wanted a song that captured the roller coaster of emotions and experiences we go through in life.  With the pandemic mostly over I wanted a song of triumph and celebration, one that encourages you to get up, get out, and dance!”

Travie McCoy – Spoonful of Cinnamon

Travie McCoy shares his new single “Spoonful of Cinnamon.” On a “Spoonful of Cinnamon” he says, “This song sums up my experiences through 2020 and honors people in my life that I had lost. I wish I had more time in the song to honor more people I lost. There was a moment where I was getting weekly phone calls to tell me people I knew had passed away. I’m bi-polar and being isolated was a strong reason to relapse, but I didn’t and made it through. The year gave me a great song to pay tribute to the people I love.”

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