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New Music Friday: 6.11.21

New Music Friday: 6.11.21


The music industry is coming back strong as normalcy is returning slowly. With new music from Lorde and Coachella selling out, there’s something new every day to look forward to. Here’s this week’s New Music Friday.

Modernlove – lmk (if you wanna see me) 

Modernlove has released their new song “lmk (if you wanna see me).” The band says about the song, “‘lmk (if you wanna see me)’ is about a formative period of your life ending. We wrote it during lockdown which inspired the somber, detached feel of the song.”

BXB Love – Losers

BXB Love drops the single ‘Losers.” “’Losers’ is my claim that we are all really just losers trying to fit in,” LOVE says. “I believe, if we really committed to being who we are, and loving that unconditionally, we might all feel a little more free and a little less anxious about the potential perception of us that others may have.” 

Temporex – Bowling

Temporex has released his new LP Bowling along with the single”New Lane.” “I need full control or a majority of control over whatever I’m working on in order to feel fully satisfied with the end product,” he admits. 

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Nothing But Thieves – Futureproof

Nothing But Thieves shares the single “Futureproof.” “’Futureproof’ is about self-preservation; what that means to different people and the lengths that those people would go to achieve it. It’s designed to be a guitar rock and hip hop hybrid. That can be a bit of an eye roller and it’s easy to get wrong, but there’s a parallel between some of our heavier songs and the more aggressive side of hip hop, which we wanted to try and get at. It’s dark and chromatic and then it’s mixed like a hip hop track with loud drums and vocals. The idea was to try and explore that territory in the most authentic and fresh way.”

Rest For The Wicked – Bones

Rest For The Wicked release the new track “Bones.” “‘Bones’ was written when I was in an excruciatingly hollow state of depression. The song is about my feelings of being scared to cross over to the other side, the anxieties and unknowingness of death,“ Ben Townsend explains, elaborating on the story behind the track, “We never know how another views life. It’s incredibly important we stick together to find solutions so we can all see our futures. I’m much better now. I hope this song brings you comfort when you feel alone. Time will mend.”

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