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New Music Friday: 5.28.21

New Music Friday: 5.28.21

May is coming to an end and the summer music season is coming upon us. With the new week comes a fresh set of new songs for your playlist. Here is this week’s New Music Friday.

Zola Courtney Featuring Caleborate – Superstar

Zola Courtney and Caleborate release the track “Superstar.” “The song is based around the arrogance that can come with power and influence. The lyrics aren’t specifically about ‘superstars’ but more about self-righteous people, and personal experiences I’ve had where I’ve been made to feel small from someone with more power or social status than me,” she says of the track. “I hope people enjoy the upbeat, sassiness of the song. It feels like it should be playing in Cher’s car during the scene in Clueless where the girls are all driving around Beverly Hills.”

Wilder. – See Through

Wilder. drops new single “See through.” Vocalist/guitarist Stephen Ramos shares, “‘See Through’ is about those people who put up a facade and act like they have it all together. Nick and I have both experienced people in our lives that have tried to have a say in how we live our lives. People who we confided in but have now shown their true colors. People who you thought fought for other humans but are really just in it for themselves. This song is a shout-out to let those people know we truly don’t give a shit about what they have to say anymore.”

Pher – Murky

Oakland artist Pher dropped the visuals for his track “Murky.” “Murky personifies my life as an artist in a nutshell; perseverance, dedication, commitment, and a relentless pursuit to bring my music to the houses and streets of the world. The song basically says there’s no quit in me, because Self belief is everything. My music is my testimony, my life, the challenges of love” says Pher. “I’m not a gospel artist, but I do have a story. From being a young father, to living check to check, to fighting for my career in music. Murky is the perfect representation of my journey. The constant fight to keep going in life, in my quest to be an artist, while sustaining a life for my wife and kids. My life is an open book, merely so I can be the middleman between you and true love. Let my music be your guide.”

Audrey Mika – Alive

Audrey Mika returns with the new track “Alive.” Mika says, “This song is a huge reminder to me to be thankful that I am even here and alive in this world and appreciating the ups and downs of life. It’s a reminder and affirmation that it’s okay to not always be okay and to surround yourself with people that look out for you. I’ve come to realize that I wanted to bring dancing and my music together and go back to this part of me. I think that dancing adds vulnerability and I felt it went hand in hand with this song. The dancing, the singing, and the lyrics show all the different sides of me and who I am. And I hope I can share, and inspire others to do the same and show them that they can trust themselves when things become uncomfortable.”

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Griff – One Foot In Front Of The Other

Griff has been on the rise and recently took home the Rising Star award at the Brit Awards. The singer/songwriter dropped the music video for “One Foot In Front Of The Other” this week. Griff will be dropping her mixtape of the same name on June 18.

Cheat Codes and Tinashe – Lean On Me

Cheat Codes have released their new, self-produced music video for “Lean On Me” featuring multi-talented music sensation Tinashe. The track is featured on their debut album HELLRAISERS, PT 1 which is available now.

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