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New Music Friday: 5.21.21

New Music Friday: 5.21.21

It’s a busy day in music. With BTS’ new single “Butter” and new music from Twenty One Pilots, there’s a lot to listen to this Friday. Here is this week’s New Music Friday.

44Phantom – die sometime

44Phantom has released his newest EP die sometime featuring his latest single “gray!” “’gray!’ is about losing all of my fake friends,” says 44phantom reflecting on the song, “and accepting the fact that it comes with the territory of what I’m doing.”

Kai Kwasi – unt

Kai Kwasi releases a new single “unt.” Of the track and video, Kai comments; “I recorded ‘unt’ in my room on a broken audio interface with one of those podcaster mic stands. In short, the song is about not being sure if you’re doing things right. The video draws parallels between moving and relationships. You move in, fill the space, paint the walls and move out. I made the vídeo with a friend from college (Clay Milner Russell). The idea was to keep it fun, and that’s pretty much what we did. They were knocking down the flats we used so it was the perfect excuse to take liberty and do things we wouldn’t be allowed to do elsewhere.”

John Myrtle – Spider On The Wall

John Myrtle drops “Spider On The Wall” off his forthcoming EP. “I thought a song that told a story behind closed doors was very fitting for the time we were all living in. With the whole album being written and performed at home in lockdown, writing and singing as a spider was freeing in a weird way. I was able to leave my house and go write about someone else’s. Instead of envying the other people’s lives, he’s disgusted by them, and finds out that his home is the most comfortable of all!”

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Butterfly Ali – Truth Is

Butterfly Ali releases the R&B-laden track “Truth Is.” Speaking about the new song, he said, “Truth Is, is a song & music video that I wanted to create about the media, politics, & systemic racism. My thoughts on how we, as a people, are just expected to believe/digest any twisted information we may be given about any over publicized news heading. How the world we live in can promote such a false reality at times. I wanted to promote the consideration of where we should go from here. Within all the mess we’ve created as a country. I didn’t want to shy away from heavy thoughts & concerns in this song, & wanted to open up more conversations through the vehicle of music. Extremely thankful to Aaron Kellim & Brian Kops for helping me create this narrative.”

Vanessa Gimenez – Make It Rain

Swimming Girls‘ singer Vanessa Gimenez drops the solo track “Make It Rain” from her upcoming EP. On the new song, Gimenez said, “Make It Rain was the first song written for this project. To me it’s about retaining that childlike sensibility that is full of hope and dreams. A mindset that a lot of people lose once they grow older.”

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