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New Music Friday: 4.30.21

New Music Friday: 4.30.21

With April coming to a close, music is going to get a whole lot hotter as the battle for this year’s summer song heats up. While BTS is releasing a new song in May and Billie Eilish releasing her anticipated sophomore album, there is so much to look forward to. Until then, here’s what’s new in this week’s New Music Friday.

FAKY – HappyEverAfter

FAKY have released the new song “HappyEverAfter” which was inspired by the original reality show Koi to Okami Niwa Damasarenai (Don’t Be Fooled by the Wolf) on ABEMA. This song was written by Lil’ Fang to reflect FAKY’s youngest member Taki’s feelings while being on the show.

Libra Featuring Elyse Cizek – Flakey Town

Libra teams up with Elyse Cizek for the track “Flakey Town.” “Since I moved to LA, I have been inspired by the relationships born out of living in a fast-paced city,” explains Monstro. “With ‘Flakey Town,’ I am trying to speak to a universal struggle many people in big cities experience, whether that city is Los Angeles, NY, Paris, or my home São Paulo. In addition, quarantine and the relative isolation that comes with it shines a light on the true nature of the fragile social connections we all have, and I think many people will relate the experience of learning about the true nature of their friendships and relationships during these lonely times.”

Jamie Miller – Here’s Your Perfect

Jamie Miller gets personal on his new single “Here’s Your Perfect.” “I was in a relationship back in London, in my comfort zone and the happiest I’d ever been,”explains Miller of the song’s inspiration. “But eventually when I moved to LosAngeles, I got cheated on and was so heartbroken. I went into a studio session devastated, but wrote through it and realized there is so much more to the world. Since then, I’ve experienced so much and really found myself through the pandemic –specifically coming to terms with my sexuality and realizing that gender doesn’t determine who I can fall in love with. It was one of the most challenging but amazing journeys I’ve worked though, and I hope it can be heard in the music.”

Ally Barron – T-Shirt

Ally Barron returns with the new single “T-Shirt.” Off of her debut EP, Sincerely, AB, “T-Shirt” is about a guy who left his T-shirt in her room and would always tell her he needed to drop by to get it back. She quickly realizes he didn’t need it at all and that his T-shirt was the obstacle stopping her from moving on.

Tamaraebi – Telephone

Tamaraebi drops the new single “Telephone.” Tamaraebi says of the new single, “Telephone is a psychedelic song that instantly transports you to a 1980’s movie theatre and laments unrequited love and moments lost that you can’t get back. Think Daft punk meets The Smiths.”

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NoMBe – Boys Don’t Cry

NoMBe releases the new single “Boys Don’t Cry.” “‘Boys Don’t Cry’ is about not showing weakness. How our traditional ideas of masculinity expect toughness and always knowing what to do. Literally, the lyrics of the song are about the engines of my spaceship going out and me trying to keep a cool head during this crisis,” shares NoMBe. “On a very personal level, the song is about my inability to fix my relationship and not wanting to appear weak. When writing the lyrics, I also imagined a character that wants to appear strong in front of someone who caused them pain. Sort of ‘walking with your head held high’ when you see them with someone new in public.”

Brynn Cartelli – If I Could

Brynn Cartelli shares the new track “If I Could.” Cartelli elaborates on the track, “My friend was being wronged and getting something less than she deserved from her boyfriend. So many people believe they deserve less than they do. The song became a reminder we deserve more.”

Nightly – lover/loner

Nightly have shared their new single “lover/loner.” “We just try to write about things that are real to us,” explains Nightly’s frontman Jonathan Capeci. “It means so much to know that could somehow help other people with whatever they’re going through in their own lives.”

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