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New Music Friday: 4.2.21

New Music Friday: 4.2.21

New Music Friday: 4.2.21

It’s a new month and it feels like 2021 is flying by. Whether you’re still listening to Justin Bieber’s Justice on repeat, this week’s New Music Friday brings you new tracks to freshen up your playlist.

CAPPA – Fatal

CAPPA drops her new single “Fatal.” “It was like a mini therapy session to channel these feelings into a song,” CAPPA writes. “I think ‘Fatal’ can be related to experiences we’ve all been through, whether in relationships or friendships.” Find the song here.

Miynt – Nothing Personal

Miynt has released the guitar-driven grunge slow-burner track “Nothing Personal.” The new song is a hint of what’s to come this year from the artist.

Talia Jackson – Hidden

Actress and singer/songwriter Talia Jackson has dropped her debut single “Hidden.” Jackson, who made waves on Netflix’s NAACP award-winning series Family Reunion, finds music as a source to navigate through the past and present adversities she faces, especially navigating her personal mental health struggles and she hopes others will find solace in it as well. 

LT – Hold Ya

LT releases the new single “Hold Ya.” “Hold Ya was written during a pretty turbulent time,” explains LT, “It’s a story about two people in love, however through the struggles they’ve endured they begin to drift apart. Neither of them want to leave, but both of them are desperately seeking reassurance that the other wants them to in fact stay and it turns out they both do.

James Arthur – Medicine (Acoustic)

James Arthur has released the acoustic version of his song “Medicine.” After its initial release, “Medicine” has already accumulated over 12 million streams and over 4.3 million video views.

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Malia Civetz – Anybody But You

Malia Civetz returns with the new single “Anybody But You” which will be featured in her upcoming EP Heels In Hand releasing April 23. The track is about the freeing moment when you realize someone’s just not *the one.”

Brother. – EZ

Alt band Brother has released their new track “EZ.” Written over the 2020 lockdown, band member Chuck Emery confides, “I felt like my whole world was ending. All of our plans for touring, releases and our goals were halted. I had worked so hard on setting it all up and all of it was canceled. The uncertainty of what the future held threw me into a deep depression with intense anxiety and panic attacks. After months of struggle, I realized the best thing for me was to slow down and take it easy.”

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