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New Music Friday: 4.10.2020

New Music Friday: 4.10.2020

New Music Friday: 4.10.2020

It’s Good Friday! As every Friday that comes around, it means new music gets released and we roundup the top things you need to listen to. This week was no exception. Here are some of the recent releases on this new music Friday.

Un Corazon – Padre Nuestro

“Padre Nuestro” is an interlude. The band mentioned this song was used during their tour. The song may catch fans off-guard as it’s not a traditional song. Since it was used as an interlude in their tour, it’s a robotic voice singing the song. It’s still an interesting concept with great lyrics.

Sleeping At Last – It’s A Small World

Sleeping at Last is great at making songs and covering songs that make you feel a certain way. By covering the classic Disney song “It’s A Small World” and featuring other artists (even his daughters) it brings people together and gives some hope.

Jordan Fisher – Walking on the Ceiling

Jordan Fisher is back releasing “Walking on the Ceiling.” Fisher is terribly underrated. He’s a dancer, singer, and actor. You might recognize him from the latest “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” movie on Netflix. “Walking on the Ceiling” is an R&B track showing off Fisher’s vocals. It’s a great song for him to come back on.

See Also

Local Sound – On Christ (House Church)

Local Sound is another smaller artist that deserves more attention. “On Christ (House Church)” is a bit of a departure from their usual synth sound but it feels raw and honest. It shows another side of the band that can connect with more people.

Leon Bridges – Inside Friend (feat. John Mayer)

Leon Bridges brings us the soothing track “Inside Friend” which he paired up with John Mayer. This song falls like a warm blanket on a cold day. It showcases the best of both artists and such a treat for fans.

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