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New Music Friday: 3.5.21

New Music Friday: 3.5.21

With spring around the corner, we can begin spring cleaning our playlist from the songs that don’t spark joy anymore and find new ones that do. Here’s this week’s New Music Friday.

AJA – Red Button

AJA releases her new single “Red Button.” About the single she says, “When someone breaks your heart, I mean really breaks your heart, it’s easy to hit the Red Button and decline their call. Wrote Red Button with Jimmy McGormam, It was one of those collaborations that happened so organic yet so fitting. Jimmy already had the concept for the song but was looking for the right singer for it. We were introduced by a mutual friend Kurt. I’m guessing I was the right singer”

Ricky Montgomery Featuring Chloe Moriondo – Mr Loverman

Ricky Montgomery teams up with Chloe Moriondo for a new version of Mr Loverman. The track was first featured in Montgomery’s debut album Montgomery Ricky back in 2016. Since then, the song has gone viral amassing over 15 million streams per week alongside his other hit “Line Without A Hook.”

Quinn XCII – Change of Scenery II 

Quinn XCII has released his new album Change of Scenery II. “We made the first EP at that transitional point between college and the ‘real’ world—we were these broke kids working on music that was either going to do something great for us or do nothing,” says Quinn XCII. “Now that we’ve been in the real world a while and music has become our ‘jobs’, this record was more about getting back to that excitement and genuine curiosity, and right away everything just flowed so easily.”

Bryce Vine – Care At All

Bryce Vine is back with the new track titled “Care At All.” “This is a song about the heartbreak of losing someone,” Vine explains. “It’s going through all the ways you try to get them off your mind, but nothing is working. It’s a pretty depressing concept so I wanted to keep the vibe fun and energetic. I kept thinking about the song “Where Is My Mind” by The Pixies and tapping into that energy – like if they remade Fight Club in 2021, this song could be playing at the end as the buildings are blowing up.”

Oliver Francis – Toxic Paradise

Oliver Francis releases the new single “Toxic Paradise.” He says, “‘Toxic Paradise’ is more than a song. It is a glimpse into a conceptual universe. It is a blend of 80’s synth mixed with trap, and pop music. Sonically I want to transport the listener to another place. Think Blade Runner or The Fifth Element mixed with Travis Scott. This isn’t a music video spearheaded by a random director. This is a creative collaboration between myself and Orie McGinnis. Everything you are seeing came directly from my head. I worked alongside Orie every step of the way. Co-Directing and Co-editing. From on screen actions to the color grading. This is me pushing myself as a musician AND as a visual artist. I am so incredibly proud of everyone involved in this release. No one who wasn’t involved will ever truly understand the blood sweat and tears we all poured into this. Creativity is my life blood! This is all I know.”

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Tia Gostelow – Two Lovers

Tia Gostelow drops the single “Two Lovers” which is about “two people fighting their hardest for a relationship through rough times and Dom really helped me tell this story. We wanted to show couples from all walks of life in different scenes, everyone’s story is so different and we wanted to highlight that. It felt really nice to showcase other stories within a music video instead of it being mostly about me, this song was meant to resonate with people going through things like long distance and being away from loved ones so it only felt right to showcase the best parts of being with the person you love.”

Jawan – Assurance and Call Me

Jawan drops two singles “Assurance” and “Call Me.” Both songs highlight JAWAN’s attempt to salvage a relationship by acknowledging his faults and declaring his commitment to improving (“Assurance”), but it proves too little, too late. This leaves him reminiscing on the relationship and leaving a door open for communication (“Call Me”).

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