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New Music Friday: 3.26.21

New Music Friday: 3.26.21


March has come to an end but it seems like life is restarting. We’re all stepping into a new season with new feelings and we have music to carry us through. Here is this week’s New Music Friday.

19&YOU Featuring Carlie Hanson – Part of You

19&YOU drop their new single “Part of You” in collaboration with Carlie Janson. The group shares, “‘PART OF YOU’ is about being in love with someone you are close with, but who isn’t reciprocating those feelings. Our second verse, ‘I’ll be stuck second place to somebody you meet, and I’ll be replaced while no one fills the space you leave,’ speaks to the pain of watching the one you love fall in love with another, and the fear that you’ll never get over that person. We love the references we make in this song, from the mention of Bondi Beach where we used to spend time in Australia, to the memorable nights spent in Chinatown. It was important that we tell this story using our own experiences, even though it’s a situation anyone can relate to.”

Payson Lewis – In Your Heart

Payson Lewis releases the emotional track “In Your Heart.” “There are so many people who are trapped in abusive and toxic relationships. It’s a shadow pandemic we are living in,” says Lewis. “I don’t pretend to have the answers, but I hope this song can help those who need to hear it.”

Audrey Mika – Chivalry

Coinciding with Women’s History Month, Audrey Mika releases her new single “Chivalry.” The song plays with the idea of being an independent woman who doesn’t need a man to do things for her because she’s happy to do them herself.

Cian Ducrot – Crocodiles

Cian Ducrot returns with his new single “Crocodiles.” He says, ‘Crocodiles’ is a song I wrote after I experienced being let down by my closest friends when I needed them the most. Coming to terms with the idea that those you’d do anything for wouldn’t do the same for you hit me extremely hard.”

carobae – Talking To Myself

carobae has released the single “Talking to Myself.” The song features vivid, transparent lyrics about maneuvering the self-sabotaging tendencies of our early 20s. She will release her EP The Longest Year: Part Two on April 22.

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Tea G – See It Through

Filipino-Canadian artist Tea G is back with her new single “See It Through.” “‘See It Through’ is a track that is about breaking barriers of your past relationships and achieving that breaking point of finally letting go. There will always be hardships and obstacles that you will need to experience to learn and grow and realise how important your self-worth is. Once an old chapter comes to a close, a new one will open with endless opportunities. This track has motivated me to push forward towards my success no matter what challenges come before me.”

D Fine Us – Bad Luck

D Fine Us teams up with Pat Thomas for the collaborative track “Bad Luck.” The group shares, “‘Bad Luck’ is a song about a personal journey we all go through when we leave behind an old part of ourselves in order to grow and the video portrays an abstract manifestation of the well-known metaphor of ‘going down to the river to lay your burden down’”

Jackson Wang – LMLY

Jackson Wang has been on the go and making sure he is making his mark in the music world. He has dropped his new single “LMLY,” part of his solo music project. Wang has been releasing solo music throughout the year and also released “Encore” with GOT7.

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