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New Music Friday: 2.19.21

New Music Friday: 2.19.21

It’s a week full of new music. With the Premio Lo Nuestro taking place this week honoring the best in Latin music, the industry is starting to get back on track. This week has new music of all genres to treat all music lovers. Here is this week’s New Music Friday.

Asher Monroe – Midnight Masquerade

Asher Monroe has released his first single of the year “Midnight Masquerade” ahead of the new albums he will release this year.

Novi – For The Wild Ones

Novi has released her new EP For The Wild Ones. “For The Wild Ones is a compilation of fierce love and soul ripping heart break. I wrote about how I was feeling at different emotional ebbs and flows of my love life. I’ve never loved more and cried more; finding peace in my heart regarding the rollercoaster chain of events that has led me to where I am now. Love is wild and it comes in many forms. So This is For the Wild Ones,” shared Novi.

carobae – I Don’t Even Care (Pick Me Up)

carobae has released her new single “I Don’t Even Care (Pick Me Up) from her forthcoming EP The Longest Year: Part Two. The song is about reaching the point of not caring anymore.

Malia Civetz – When You’re Lonely

Malia Civetz has shared her first song “When You’re Lovely” since her 2020 EP The Flip. The single is about standing up for herself and declaring her self-worth.

MyKey – Mazda5

MyKey has released his new single “Mazda5” from his upcoming EP Welcome To The Witching Hour which will be out March 19.

Emily Weisband – New Salt

GRAMMY winner Emily Weisband has released her new single “New Salt” off Emily’s forthcoming EP. The song explores the raw, dizzying feeling of old arguments boiling back to the surface, through the lens of the old classic 2 a.m. call from an ex.

ØPALS – Middle of the Night

ØPALS have dropped the synth-pop, disco-fused track “Middle of the Night.” The song reflects member Ale Gibson’s battle with bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety.

Wallows – Remote

Wallows have dropped a deluxe version of their quarantine-made EP, Remote. The EP features 3 new songs and a music video for “Quarterback” directed by Nina Ljeti (Phoebe Bridgers, Crowded House). 

Amiena – Halo

Amiena shares her new single “Halo.” With a mix of genres, powerhouse vocals, the song tackles hypocrisy.

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PRETTYMUCH is back with their new song “Lonely” ahead of their deluxe version of their new EP Smackables due February 26. They made their comeback last month after not releasing music since 2019.

Nessa Barrett Featuring jxdn – la di die

Nessa Barrett and jxdn have teamed up for “la di die” produced by Travis Barker. Barrett has been on the rice and last released “if u love me” back in October.

Adam Melchor – Begin Again

Adam Melchor is gearing up for the release of his new EP Melchor Lullaby Hotline, Vol. 1 out March 19 with the single “Begin Again.” Melchor is kicking off 2021 with a bang and has recently been signed to Warner Records.

AJR – Way Less Sad

AJR has released their new single “Way Less Sad” this week and has already racked up over half a million views. The track is the latest offering from their forthcoming album OK ORCHESTRA out March 26.

Mackenzie Day – Madeline

Mackenzie Day will release her new single “Madeline” out on February 20. “I wrote this song over the summer when I realised my highschool friends were not the people for me anymore. After much growth within myself and my worth I came to discover friendships can also be toxic. Rupi Kaur has this quote, “abuse doesn’t just happen in romantic relationships, abuse can live in friendships too”… ‘Madeline’ was an honest realisation with myself and finally letting go of those friends,” she said about the song.

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