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New Music Friday: 11.26.21

New Music Friday: 11.26.21

The holidays are officially in full swing! While you may still be eating the last pieces of ham or mashed potatoes, it’s time to also fill up on new music. Here is this week’s New Music Friday.

Jo O’Meara – Never Had A Dream Come True

Jo O’Meara has dropped her cover for S Club 7’s “Never Had A Dream Come True.” O’Meara commented, “I am so excited to have re-recorded one of my favourite S Club  songs! ‘Never Had A Dream Come True’ has always been special to me, so getting to go back in the studio and re-vocal it after 21 years was very special. I’m enjoying doing new acoustic stripped back versions of classic S Club classic hits.”

Charli Taft – Sentimental

Charli Taft has released her single “Sentimental” About the track,Taft said, “Sentimental” is a record that sonically really sets the tone for my album. On the one hand, the lyrics are personal and intimate; I’m generally an optimistic person and I always want to see the best in people, so I’ve definitely left myself open to heartbreak in the past and I think so many people can relate to that. On the other hand, the track has this soulful, hip-hop bump. I love exploring that push-pull in my music. Even when I’m singing a song about heartbreak, I still want people to feel good when they hear it. Obi and I knew we wanted to make something 2000’s inspired with a nostalgic, organic feel. We were playing songs to get us in the mood, including one track we absolutely love called “Alright” by Freeway; listening to that record gave us such a good feeling that we ended up carrying all that energy forward and we made “Sentimental.” I wanted the music video to have a grainy, underground feel that would complement the track. It was filmed during a twelve-hour shoot on my last day in Seoul. Obi and I had just finished up a week-long writing camp so we had a really tight schedule to fit everything in. As soon as we started shooting, the energy was amazing and everyone gave everything they had, even in the insane July heat!”

Madison Margot – If We Fall

Madison Margot releases the passionate new track “If We Fall.” Sharing her thoughts on the track, Madison said, “This song is about having an intense crush on someone and wanting them to give in and fall for you. Knowing you would give them everything, but not even that is convincing enough. This song is for everyone who falls hard and loves relentlessly – even when it’s met by so much resistance. I shot the music video in Paris because it’s the city of love! I’m wandering around all alone in one of the most romantic cities in the world. You can feel the longing and the hope – it’s a video full of escape.”

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Gallery – A Million Hallelujahs

Gallery share the emotional new worship song “A Million Hallelujahs.” “’A Million Hallelujahs’ was written out of a desire to simply worship,” says Hunter Escobar, who formed and leads the Dallas-based Gallery and who wrote the new song. “The anthem, which follows the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ pointing to the Gospel, is bringing heaven and earth together to sing a song of complete adoration and glory to the King. My heart is to show that there will never be enough ‘hallelujahs’ we could sing to God.

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