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New Music Friday: 11.19.21

New Music Friday: 11.19.21

With Thanksgiving a week away, it’s time to indulge in some music before we eat an entire pie. Here’s this week’s New Music Friday.

Carmen Deleon – Mariposas

Carmen Deleon shares the new track “Mariposas.” “‘Mariposas’ was written about the sensation that you feel in your stomach when you see that person who moves the floor and shakes your soul,” explains DeLeon. “For me, the song is addressed to a very special person who started out as a great friend – the one with whom everything felt perfect, that understood without giving many explanations, and knew perfectly how to make me laugh and feel unique and known.”

The O’My’s and Alex Banin – Realistic

The O’My’s have teamed up with Alex Banin for “Realistic.” Multi-instrumentalist Nick Hennessey elaborates on the track, “Our session with Alex Banin was one of, if not the last, we had before the pandemic put a pause on all in person collaborations. It was our first time ever working together and the ideas started rolling in right off the jump. By the end of that evening we had most of the lyrics and chord structure all figured out and recorded. Over the next couple months Maceo and I continued to fill out the production and arrangement and tapped in Alfonzo Jones for drums and JP Floyd for trombone. I love the way this song grabs the listener from the first words and then takes them on an sonic and emotional journey.” 

modernlove. – Us

modernlove. return with their new single “Us.” Speaking about the new offering, the band said, “‘Us’ is actually the first tune we ever wrote together. It’s such a raw song in every sense of the word: the energy, the lyrics, the production. It’s the blueprint for how we write music as a band. Once we wrote that song something clicked with us. There’s something weirdly romantic about it even though it’s a break-up tune, it’s hopeful and uplifting. That push and pull is something that has come to define our teens and early twenties, and we just love the idea of a raucous crowd singing along even though it’s a sad song.”

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ericdoa – strangers

ericdoa has released the music video for his latest offering “strangers.” Of the track eric recently shared “My new single is the first mark in our journey through our experimentation with this ‘warped’ pop inspired sound. I remember being on the train on the way to New York City listening to ‘Locked out of Heaven’ by Bruno Mars and becoming extremely inspired. It was also my first session with my good friend and collaborator, Zetra. It was such an amazing sight to see a hook and melody I wrote singing in the shower, turned into what the single is now.”

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