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New Music Friday: 10.22.21

New Music Friday: 10.22.21

It’s another week to listen to fresh music. Whether you need to have a self empowered moment or just need some positivity, here is this week’s New Music Friday.

rosi – Off the Tracks

rosi drop their new track “Off the Tracks.” Regarding the song, group member Joni Mathews says, “‘Off the Tracks’ was the earliest song we wrote for the project, pre-pandemic. I started it on an acoustic guitar and Chris produced it much later with live drums, a Prophet, and modular synths. We were feeling claustrophobic during a long winter in NYC and a bit isolated despite the constant ‘connectedness’ of social media. I was thinking a lot about intelligent, social animals like orcas being held in captivity — it can change their psyche and make them violent. I guess I was identifying with that primal feeling of being trapped. The song connected with us even more as we watched the last two years unfold.”

Bedouine – The Solitude

Bedouine drops the track “The Solitude.” Says Azniv Korkejian of “The Solitude”, “I was listening to Joni Mitchell’s “My Old Man” and kept returning to the lyric “the bed’s too big, the frying pan’s too wide”. I was so taken by that; conveying a feeling by describing a change in proportions. I wanted to expand on that and it became kind of an homage. Otherwise, it’s about the realization that I’m not impervious to codependencies or being in denial about them.” 

Hi Frisco – Ever Again

Hi Frisco release the track “Ever Again.” Speaking about the new track, they added, “The overriding message is one of positivity, to be present and enjoy the highs as they come around, to live in the moment. Finding strength to cope with the lows that hit us hard. We try to find comfort on the rollercoaster that is everyday life. Ever again was an accidental trigger for us to explore a more electronic sound. We were trying to find a way to bridge our usual processes with the physics distance between us both and the lockdown regulations. Unable to record a live drummer in our studio, Felix half jokingly stuck a house beat under one of Henry’s demos and it became a bit of a eureka moment. Both Ever Again and Uno Mas are a bit of a symbiotic pair in that regard, not entirely in keeping with the Hi Frisco tracks we’d done before, yet still with enough of that sound in them that they fit into our world. Normal service may or may not resume soon.”

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Chloe Rodgers – Bones

Chloe Rodgers returns with the new song “Bones.” Speaking about the release, Chloe said, “I love this song, I can’t wait to perform it. The lyrics are quite political in a sort of abstract way. The darkness of it makes it so fun. It was a great day when we finished it. Adding the harmonies was my favourite part of the production.”

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