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New Music Friday: 1.8.21

New Music Friday: 1.8.21

2021 is here and it’s been off to a chaotic start. There is no way to tell what will happen but at least music is keeping us sane. There is a lot to anticipate for this year in the music world, so we have hope. Here’s this week’s New Music Friday.

Echosmith ft. Mat Kearney – Tell Her You Love Her

Echosmith and Mat Kearney team up for the introspective single “Tell Her You Love Her.” The song offers an outside perspective on a relationship and acts as a reminder to tell those you love how you feel.

Adam Melchor – Last Time

Adam Melchor drops the new track “Last Time.” “I wrote ‘Last Time’ in Late February of 2020, before the pandemic hit. I started the Lullaby Hotline that same week (and now I’m coming up on week 43?!?!) and always had this song in mind to put on the project. The song is about leaving someone at an airport and the feeling of watching them walk away from you. In that moment, I ask myself ‘is this the last time I’ll see this person?’ and proceed to walk myself through every good and bad scenario until ultimately, I see them again. I remember thinking while writing this, ‘will there ever be shows again?’. Hopefully someday soon we’ll be able to laugh at how much we cried this year, and be around the people & communities we love that bring us light,” said Melchor.

Catie Turner – Play God

Catie Turner has dropped the relatable tune “Play God.” If you need to be in your feels, “Play God” is about not being able to fix a relationship and how the memories of places and sounds are triggered to one person.

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Elevation Worship – Graves Into Gardens: Morning & Evening

Elevation Worship has released a new album with “Morning & Evening” versions of their songs from their latest album Graves Into Gardens. The new album gives a reimagined take to their hit tracks.

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