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New Music Friday: 1.7.22

New Music Friday: 1.7.22

And we’re back! 202 is now in full swing and the excitement of a fresh start is still in the air. A new year also means a fresh slate of music. Here is this year’s first New Music Friday roundup.

Beau Diako – Nylon Featuring Tobi Tunis

Beau Diako is kicking off the year with the new track “Nylon” featuring Tobi Tunis.  “It’s always an honour and pleasure to team up with my talented friend Tobi Tunis. He has the most amazing smooth voice and always writes the most beautiful melodies that I could never get tired of hearing,” Diako says. “‘Nylon’ was one of the first tracks I made after getting a really cheap nylon string guitar to experiment with. This dark and moody but dancey idea came out and all the layers and instruments seemed to just fall into place around it. The song gives me the image of being lost and deep in thought on a lonely beach somewhere late at night.”

Lexi Jade – Drunk Text Me

Artist to watch Lexi Jade has released the new single “drunk text me.” On the meaning behind the song, Lexi shares, “drunk text me” expresses that feeling of sadness and denial that you can often go through in a breakup, questioning why the person you once loved hurt you. In most breakups it’s often hard to find closure – I certainly had a hard time and wish there were explanations for things left unanswered. I kept wishing my ex would’ve texted me saying sorry to clear things up. I wrote the concept in my notes and the song blossomed from there. The song is so special and comes straight from my broken heart.”

Moonchild – Tell Him Featuring Lalah Hathaway

Moonchild team up with Lalah Hathaway for “Tell Him.” Moonchild’s Andris Mattson shares, “I made the initial track for this as part of a Song a Day for a Month challenge that we all did back in April 2020.” 

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William Ryan Key – Brighton

Yellowcard vocalist and rhythm guitarist William Ryan Key is exploring his solo career with the new song “Brighton.” “I think this song is a manifestation of my desire to set myself free from the constraints of what I’ve created in the past,” says Key. “I wondered if it was too far removed from the music people expect to hear from me,” he expresses. “The more I pondered it, the more I realized that it might be, and that it was ok if it was.”

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