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Netflix’s New Japanese Series ‘The Future Diary’ to Premiere on December 14

Netflix’s New Japanese Series ‘The Future Diary’ to Premiere on December 14

The Future Diary

The Japanese variety show The Future Diary has been revived after 20 years on Netflix. The reboot will begin streaming on December 14. The first three episodes will be released in the first week and then one new episode will be added every week.

The original variety show of a leading Japanese television network Tokyo Broadcasting System Television (TBS) that became a huge hit around the world. The show ran from 1998 to 2002. It was then made into a movie, an event, and even a game, and the theme songs of the drama “TSUNAMI” and “SAKURAZAKA” became big hits.

In The Future Diary, two people who have never met before are cast to live out a romantic storyline by following a rough “script” in the diary that is handed to them containing only a rough outline of a story. Their semi-fictional exchange,  based on the casts’ own words, takes them through an experience that could ultimately influence how they view one another. Viewers will be left asking themselves whether the casts’ scripted adventures will lead to real romance.

The Japanese pop band SEKAI NO OWARI wrote the theme song for the show called “Diary.”

One of the band’s members, Fukase says “The original TV show (broadcasted 20 years ago) is legendary, especially for my generation. I was very nervous and wasn’t sure if we are good enough.” Another band member Saori wrote the lyrics for the song says “In the show, we don’t know the couple’s destiny which made it difficult for me on how to conclude the storytelling in the lyrics”. The song truly reflects the feelings of the couple in The Future Diary. “This is the very first, straightforward love song for us” the band added.

The MC of the show is multi-talented DAIGO. The other studio members include Taiki Sato(EXILE/FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE), Saya (LALANDE), Reina Sumi, and Natsuna. They will watch the couple’s journey closely and warmly periodically at the studio.

Daigo remembers watching the show twenty years ago and he says “Frankly, I’m really happy. I watched the show all the time back then and it’s really cool to be able to watch the reboot. Watching it before everyone else is even better.”

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Being a love story fan, Saya says “I got so into the show though I am not the generation that is familiar with the original series.” 

“It inspires your imagination. It makes me think – I would want to have this kind of relationship”, says Taiki.  Reina Sumi says “I want everyone to join us and enjoy watching the couple’s journey that had me excited, cringing and chewing my nails.”

Natsuna also adds, “The couple receives ‘The Future Diary’ which tells their future; however, not everything goes as planned.  That’s all I can tell you for now.  You have to watch it till the end and find out for yourself.” 

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