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Netflix Shares Trailer for New Film ‘Asakusa Kid’

Netflix Shares Trailer for New Film ‘Asakusa Kid’

Netflix has released the trailer for Asakusa Kid, which is based on the memoir by comedian Takeshi Kitano and the story of his early days as an apprentice of the famed comedian Senzaburo Fukami. The film is set to premiere on Thursday, December 9, 2021.

The film is set in the mid-1960s Asakusa, a somewhat seedy part of Tokyo. After dropping out of college, Kitano takes a job at the Asakusa France-za strip theater and comedy club, and soon gained experience under the legendary comedian Senzaburo Fukami. Fukami demanded that his apprentices adopt a comedian’s mindset not only on stage but also in everyday life, and was the comedy master behind other famous comedians such as Hachiro Azuma and Kinichi Hagimoto. Kitano worked hard under Fukami to polish his craft and achieve his dream of becoming a successful comedian. However, as home TVs became ever more popular, live comedy gradually fell out of favor. Against this backdrop, the drama Asakusa Kid unfolds as the young Kitano trains under his stern yet tender mentor, meets a cast of highly talented and colorful characters, and finally takes the stage under the moniker ‘Beat Takeshi.’

Directed and written by Gekidan Hitori, the film stars Yo Oizumi and Yuya Yagira. The theme song by Keisuke Kuwata.

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