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Netflix Leases Two Soundstages from Toho Studio

Netflix Leases Two Soundstages from Toho Studio

Netflix has teamed up with the famed Toho Studio to lease two of its soundstages. Toho Studio is home to classic films including Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, and the Godzilla film series.

Beginning April 2021, Netflix will have access to both Stage 7 and Stage 10, as well as several in-studio facilities all within Toho Studio in Tokyo. Netflix’s next films Yu Yu Hakusho and Sanctuary will be the first to film there. 

“Since opening doors in 1932, we’ve welcomed a wide variety of filmmakers, streaming projects, and commercial creators from around the world. We’re thrilled that Netflix is joining our roster of amazing talent at Toho Studio. We look forward to continue delivering inspiring entertainment to audiences around the world,” Mitsuru Shimada, President and CEO of Toho Studio, said.

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