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Netflix Drops Trailer for ‘Run On’ & Confirms Production on New Dramedy ‘Queen of the Scene’

Netflix Drops Trailer for ‘Run On’ & Confirms Production on New Dramedy ‘Queen of the Scene’

Netflix bolsters its K-content slate with the upcoming premiere of the original romantic drama Run On, and its latest project Queen of the Scene helmed by Lee Won Suk.

Run On portrays the interactions of people who struggle to communicate, even in the same language, and finds individuals from different backgrounds cultivate relationships using their own language. Centered around a popular sprinter on the national team, Ki Seon-gyeom never looked back while running to win until a fateful event turned his life upside down and forced him to retire. After leaving the track and meeting Oh Mi-joo, a film translator, he learns to see beyond what he never saw as a runner. She finds herself drawn toward Ki Seon-gyeom, who has seized her like fate.

Yim Si-wan, Shin Sae-kyeong, Choi Soo-young, and Kang Tae-oh star the new series directed by Lee Jae-hun and written by Park Si-hyeon.

Run On will premiere on the streamer on December 16, alongside must-watch films and series that include The Call, The Uncanny Counter, Sweet Home, and Lovestruck in the City

Netflix plans to acquire more original shows and develop new content in key partnerships with Korean creators upon the heightened interest in Korean films and series.

“This year marked an incredible milestone for Korean filmmakers with the triumphant of Director Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite winning the Oscars, positive reviews around Netflix film Time to Hunt, and the global popularity of #Alive via Netflix across the world,” said Minyoung Kim, Vice President of Content (Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia & New Zealand) at Netflix.Netflix is at the forefront of changing the way entertainment is enjoyed throughout the world. We believe that great stories can come from anywhere and travel everywhere. We’re bringing Korean storytelling with the goal to entertain our members around the world.”

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The streamer confirmed Tuesday that a new series is currently under development for an original drama complete with comedic twists and turns helmed by Lee Won Suk, the director behind How to Use Guys with Secret Tips and The Royal Tailor starring Park Shin-hye.

Scripted by Kim Soo Ah (Hellcats, Whispering Corridors), Queen of the Scene follows a Korean telenovela writer who has made a name for herself within the industry for her thrilling twisted stories full of unforeseen surprises. Suddenly entering and getting trapped in her own story, the writer faces a series of comedic situations as she tries to escape back to reality. 

The series will be produced by Pollux Barunson Inc. and will be released exclusively on Netflix. More details are to come on the casting and release date.

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