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Netflix Announces ‘Battle: Freestyle’ A Sequel to the Norwegian Dance Feature Battle

Netflix Announces ‘Battle: Freestyle’ A Sequel to the Norwegian Dance Feature Battle

  • Netflix announces Battle: Freestyle the sequel to the Norwegian dance feature Battle.

Netflix has announced Battle: Freestyle, the second feature adaptation of the novel by writer Maja Lunde (The History of Bees, The Snow Sister). Battle: Freestyle continues to tell the story of Amalie and Mikael and is set in the beautiful city of Paris. 

Battle: Freestyle is the sequel to the Norwegian dance feature Battle. Production began earlier this month and the cast continues to star Lisa Teige from the hit Norwegian series Skam/Shame together with Fabian Svegaard Tapia and also co-stars French dancing stars such as B-Boy Junior, Keiona, and Salah Benlemqawanssa.

Amalie and her love Mikael have one dream: stardom in the fierce world of street dance. After struggling to make it, they finally get their big shot. Their dance crew advances to the global finals in France.  In Paris, life starts to unravel. The competition is cutthroat. The crew realizes they have to revamp their showcase or they don’t stand a chance. Meanwhile, Amalie is distracted, searching for her estranged mother who lives in Paris and runs a ballet school. Her stage presence suffers; she botches the crew’s new moves while everyone’s frustration grows. The crew confronts Amalie asking her to leave the competition if she can’t be present during rehearsals. Professional dancing is a harsh world. Torn between the love of Mikael, the longing for her absent mother, and her fire for dance, Amalie must choose. Who is she to become?

Lina Brounéus, Director of Co-Productions and Acquisitions Netflix Northern Europe said, “As so many people around the world we were blown away by the first Battle movie and are therefore very happy about this co-production with Friland and Paasan. We are bringing this highly anticipated sequel to our members around the world and can’t wait for it to not only delight it’s existing fanbase but also wow new audiences with a captivating plot and of course some amazing dance moves.”

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Pål Røed (Paasan) Executive producer and partner added, “We are super excited to take Battle´s next chapter to the underground dance scene of Paris challenging our Norwegian characters with some of the world’s most exciting dancers. Continuing our great relationship with Netflix means fulfilling the dream of telling our story to a global audience with a proud world wide release. Our audience can look forward to a thrilling story full of young drama, fierce competition, the question of who you want to become and a whole lot of dancing.”

The film is produced by Pål Røed (Paasan) and Christian Frederik Martin (Friland), helmed by director Ingvild Søderlind and is written by talented debut writer Martina Cecelia. The sequel of Battle will take place in Paris and the film will launch exclusively on Netflix in 2021. 

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