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Nation Of Language Share Video for ‘On Division St,’ Announce Limited Edition Vinyl

Nation Of Language Share Video for ‘On Division St,’ Announce Limited Edition Vinyl

Nation of Language have shared the video for their latest single “On Division St” off their debut album Introduction, Presence. Along with the video, the Brooklyn-based synth-pop trio announced a limited-edition translucent sand vinyl release of their debut album, exclusively through Rough Trade on August 28.

Discussing the video, songwriter/vocalis Ian Devaney states, “I’ve been looking forward to releasing a video for ‘On Division St.’ for a long time. We were excited to team up with our friend James Thomson, who was able to shine a new kind of light on the song. I have this idea in my head that our music generally feels out of place against the backdrop of summer, but the dynamic of the city in its current condition really captured the solitude and confusion behind the song in a way that feels compelling.

Thomson shot the video on 16mm film, which has a way of making you perceive the recent past as the distant past – a feeling I’ve been experiencing a lot these past several months as time seems to warp in strange new ways.”

Inspired by the early new wave and punk movements, Nation of Language’s energetic anthems achieve a blend of upbeat energy with a healthy dose of sardonic melancholy. The two-year process of creating Introduction, Presence involved both musical exploration and self-discovery for Ian, keyboardist Aidan Devaney, and bassist Michael Sui-Poi.

“There’s something fascinating to me about how emotions can present themselves when one is unsure of what exactly they’re doing,” stated Ian. “It’s important to me that people feel that core of innocence and pure discovery out of which these songs were born.”

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Pre-order for the vinyl is available here. Watch the video for “On Division St” below.

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