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Natalie Layne Releases New Single ‘Steady’

Natalie Layne Releases New Single ‘Steady’

Natalie Layne has released her latest single, “Steady.” The upbeat pop anthem—contrasting the fallible nature of humanity with the certainty of a Savior who anchors us.

Co-penned by Layne along with Cooper Bascom, Ross King, and Jay Speight, the song was produced by Speight for Bottle Rockit Productions. The first in a series of singles from Layne’s forthcoming EP Castles, “Steady” was birthed in 2020 as the world plunged headlong into the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We wrote this song last March when quarantine had just begun,” Layne shares. “I think all of us were feeling the chaotic state of the world—and of our own hearts—and wanted to write about God breaking into that uncertainty. In a world that feels shaken, we need hope more than ever, so it’s my prayer others will receive peace in knowing there is certainty in the person of Jesus and all He has done.”  

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“Steady” is now available on music streaming platforms.

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