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Natalia Lafourcade Releases ‘Tú Sí Sabes Quererme’ Featuring Rubén Blades and Mare Advertencia

Natalia Lafourcade Releases ‘Tú Sí Sabes Quererme’ Featuring Rubén Blades and Mare Advertencia

GRAMMY-winning singer/songwriter Natalia Lafourcade releases “Tú Sí Sabes Quererme,” the second single from her upcoming album Un Canto Por México Vol. 2. Written by Lafourcade and originally released on her 2017 album Musas, this version features the salsa legend Rubén Blades, as well as the Oaxacan rapper and social activist Mare Advertencia.

The first volume of this album was recently awarded two Latin GRAMMYs and a mainstream GRAMMY. Like the first album, the second volume will raise funds for the cultural center El Centro de Documentación del Son Jarocho (CDSJ). 

In a message to her fans, Lafourcade discusses the feeling behind this gorgeous song, and how the collaborations came to be:

Love is the engine of life, it is the best medicine to make us feel well and balanced. It allows us to move and continue forward. It is the frequency that makes us vibrate on a higher plane, the frequency that lifts us up and helps us coincide with beauty and freedom, and with life. When we vibrate on the frequency of love, we can recognize each other without fear, look into one another’s eyes, and engage with the soul. It is there that we can find sensitivity and open ourselves to receive and to give. Love is necessary, like breathing; we all want it in our lives. When we are attuned to love’s frequency we are able to connect with essential values like empathy, generosity, humility, tenderness, calm, confidence and solidarity. Love cures all and is our salvation. It is and will continue to be what humanity searches for every day of our existence. And how important it is to find the seed of love inside each of us, cultivate that seed and inner potential so it can grow like a great tree of life. And how beautiful it is to be able to find true love and realize that it is much closer than we imagine: with its love, mysteries, power, light and protection.

I wrote this song a few years ago to be part of MUSAS (an homage to Latin American folklore in the hands of Los Macorinos), and rightly so, it speaks of good love, that which exists in freedom and is reciprocal, love that flourishes without fear or chains, love that accepts, feels, shares, expands, soars, is… I recorded this song for the first time with Los Macorinos with the intention of doing a musical tribute to that feeling that does so much good for us.

‘Tú sí Sabes Quererme’ takes a second spin in Un Canto por Mexico Vol. 2. This time it’s filled with power, joy and female energy with an orchestra of incredible musicians and artists who infuse it with new life. A few years ago, in 2017, I performed this song at the Latin GRAMMY®ceremony in Las Vegas. As fate would have it, that night I was seated next to the great Ruben Blades. And suddenly he turned, gave me his hand and a hug and told me how much he liked this song. I didn’t know what to say, I was speechless, trying to stay calm, and barely managed to reply, “Please maestro, one day we can sing it together” and just at that moment, they announced that Ruben Blades had won the GRAMMY®for the Best Salsa Album. Then he gave me another quick hug and went up on stage, happy to receive his award. Years later, I was lucky enough to invite him and that he accepted to collaborate on this project, bringing his enormous talent and presence, joining this great family for this important cause.

At the same time we were recording Ruben’s voice, we were fortunate to welcome to the studio Mare Advertencia, a Oaxacan woman, poet, rapper, feminist, warrior of word and thought, activist of her community. I listened to her music one afternoon while searching music platforms and I came upon a short documentary about her life, her principles, her passions and important work for the community, the world of hip-hop and poetry of protest. Listening to her speak, I was filled with inspiration – she is one of many emerging artists whom I admire and feel deeply with a powerful message to share. I am very grateful that Mare also accepted to come into this family.

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Now her voice is the voice of so many women who form part of Un Canto por Mexico, making it so the feelings of those who are not present are captured in the music, in these pieces that we have created with so much affection. Today more than ever we need to sing to love, and better, dance, if possible, with our feet firmly planted on the ground because it is more alive than ever, and within it exists the frequency of love.

I hope you really enjoy this song; it has given joy to all of us involved with Un canto por Mexico. Thanks to life.

Let’s go far!

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