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Natalia Lafourcade Releases ‘Cien Años’ with Pepe Aguilar

Natalia Lafourcade Releases ‘Cien Años’ with Pepe Aguilar

GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY winner Natalia Lafourcade shared her first single off of Un Canto Por México Vol. 2, the follow up to the critically acclaimed Un Canto Por México Vol. 1. The new single “Cien Años” is duet featuring Pepe Aguilar.

Lafourcade discusses her new recording, the personal memories it invokes, and the worthy cause it supports saying, “Friends, I feel profoundly happy to announce that we now have the first single of Un Canto Por México Vol. 2.

It has been awhile since that day in November 2019 when we shared the Un Canto Por México concert with the audience at Mexico City’s Auditorio Nacional. This performance was conceived with the intention of raising funds for the reconstruction of El Centro de Documentación del Son Jarocho (CDSJ). With the intent of never forgetting this concert and making sure it left its mark, we were motivated to record the songs we performed there with great care and affection.

The music of these two volumes accompanies us during the reconstruction work on CDSJ and it feels like a life’s work. Strange and difficult times overcame us, and at one point it felt like we wouldn’t get it done, but here we are. Our team is very pleased to be finalizing details in order to release Un Canto Por México Vol. 2 shortly. This project goes with a great cause, as well as a community that has surprised us with its life, its strength, its spirit and its flourishing. Today we begin a new chapter as the songs that have been queued up can now begin their journey and find refuge in your heart.

The video that we made for “Cien Años” is the story of a giant who is in love with the moon, and a little bird who is in love with the giant. A chain of unrequited love. As the giant dreams that the moon will one day look upon him and love him in return, the little bird follows the giant’s steps, yearning to someday been seen and experience a fulfulling love together with many encounters by the light of the moon.

The first time that I listened to “Cien Años” I felt the world stop. I heard the voice of Pedro Infante behind a profound sigh, that unmistakable guitar chord that begins the song. I thought about love and how everything revolves around it; it makes us die and be born. It gives life meaning. That feeling, that voice, those violins, that mariachi, that scenery, that magic, that Mexico and the great Pedro Infante…

I wondered if someday I would find the way to sing it with so much feeling. I was thinking about how one of the most difficult personal battles to overcome is unrequited love, and this song gave me shelter like a security blanket during moments when my heart felt lost and rootless.

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Several months ago, my great friend and collaborator Rocca Luis César and I discussed the concept for the “Cien Años” video. We wanted to tell a story that everyone could identify with. We went searching for artists, illustrators and animators to carry out our vision. Finally, we see how the video and our story were filled with life and movement by the director and illustrator Daniel Barreto, and the producer Juan Pablo López-Fonseca/Elefante, along with an exceptional team of animators. It feels very beautiful to share worlds and intertwine our imagination for such a special song as this.

I hope you enjoy it; as for me, singing this outstanding classic by Pepe Aguilar’s side is an absolute delight, a dream and an education. Thank you Pepe, for your support, your affection, your talent and the paramount legacy that you are giving our homeland. Your presence on Un Canto Por México will make history.”

“Cien Años” is available here.

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