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Nas to Teach Hip-Hop Storytelling on MasterClass

Nas to Teach Hip-Hop Storytelling on MasterClass

MasterClass has announced that Nas will teach a class on Hip-Hop storytelling. With more than 25 years of experience, Nas has been exposing truth through rhymes and vivid street poetry. In his class, he shares his philosophy as a lyricist and how he uses his life experiences and emotions to create cinematic lyrics teaching listeners to do the same. The song he made exclusively for the class is now available to stream here.

“With 14 Grammy nominations for his multi platinum albums, Nas is simply one of the greatest artists of all time,” said David Rogier, founder, and CEO of MasterClass. “This class is the first time Nas breaks down his process and life story in this way. He also takes members through his writing process, literally creating a new song in real time.”

In his class, Nas dives into the origins, rise and evolution of Hip-Hop in America to showcase the artistic, poetic and political power of storytelling through music. He talks through various case studies of how he wrote some of his most iconic hits—from “N.Y. State of Mind” to “One Love”—and explains the importance of details, thinking outside the box and writing songs that make a statement or communicate societal ills. Nas also breaks down his techniques, opens up about the Hip-Hop legends who influenced him and talks about how he has evolved and matured as an artist. MasterClass members will get a firsthand, real-time view of Nas’ writing process and witness his genius in action as he creates a brand-new song—”Big Nas (Original Song from MasterClass)”—with Hit-Boy. Members will walk away from Nas’ class with the historical context, inspiration and storytelling techniques they need to expand their lyrical craft, creating music that generates a spark, elevates the conversation and dares to challenge the status quo.

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“Quincy Jones told me years ago, ‘You never stop learning. You’re always a student,'” Nas said. “Going through my past works made me realize this class was something that I really wanted to do—I’m looking forward to bringing MasterClass members into my world. Whether it’s rap or any genre of music, I want people to embrace their creativity and listen to that voice inside their head. When you trust your gut and first instincts, you can’t lose.”

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