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Nas Opens Up in a Rare Interview About His Latest Album, Biggie, and More

Nas Opens Up in a Rare Interview About His Latest Album, Biggie, and More

In a rare interview with NME, Nas has opened up about his latest album, King’s Disease and Nipsey Hussle, and collaborations he had planned with other artists including Biggie.

Nas talked about his album’s lead single “Ultra Black” and the conversations around it saying, “I think people don’t realise there’s a reason for records like James Brown’s ‘Say It Loud – I’m Black And I’m Proud’. They weren’t recorded because everything was OK and we wanted to say, ‘Hey man, I’m better than you white people.’ The reason for them is the foot on our necks. We’re in a world right now where we’re facing some really terrible racist practices and there are people who don’t realise it’s happening. So these records were made to remind us that we are God’s creation just like every white man, every Asian brother, and everyone else.

“We’re trying to tell you that we’ve been told that we’re nothing so much that we’re breaking down the ignorance. We’re breaking down the hatred, we’re breaking down the lies. We’re removing the chokehold of systemic racism from our throats. Systemic racism kills our spirit. It kills our drive. It kills our souls. It kills our dreams and it kills our body with bullets, you know, by the people that were supposed to protect us. So ‘Ultra Black’ represents love.”

Nas also revealed that records with Biggie were in the works but never got to finish them.

“Yeah, there was a song that had him and Busta Rhymes on it. It’s out somewhere, I just don’t know the name of it. I was supposed to be on that one, but we kept missing each other at the studio. We talked about other songs too.”

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He added about regretting not being able to finish saying, “I wish I had one with him. I always thought we would have had one. I can’t believe it. Gone too soon, man.”

In the interview, Nas shared that there has been talks on creating a biopic on the rapper’s life to which he said “There’s been talk about me doing my life story, like a TV series. [Producer] Brian Grazer called me into his office years ago to discuss doing something like that. I think it’ll happen if it’s supposed to happen, and when it’s time. It could be too soon right now, I don’t know. But it has to feel right. It has to come together in a way that makes me go: ’This will make a difference. This will be what I think it should be. I don’t wanna just do it just to see my life story. It has to be right.”

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