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Monsta X Release Mini-Album ‘One Of A Kind’

Monsta X Release Mini-Album ‘One Of A Kind’

Monsta X

Monsta X is back with their 9th mini-album One Of A Kind. The album is available here. The release is their first Korean album release of 2021, following Fatal Love in November 2020.

The title One Of A Kind came to fruition in order to show the fierce style of Monsta X, through stronger-than-ever teamwork, grand blockbuster scale visuals, and movie-like music videos.

Consisting of seven tracks, the members have continued to expand their musical territory by participating in composing, producing, and songwriting throughout this whole album. Rapper Joohoney, taking the helm as the main producer for the title track “GAMBLER” for the first time in six years, also contributed to the rest of the tracklist. Rapper I.M, who recently dropped his first solo mini-album Duality, also left his name on credits throughout this whole album. “Rotate” in particular was written, composed, and arranged by I.M, in which he states; “the track is about flowing chemistry, which doesn’t require further explanation.”

Hyungwon, who is also active as DJ H.ONE, participated in producing his self-composed track for the second time since his debut on the track “BEBE.” Hyungwon says “I’ve always wanted to write a song dedicated to my fans, and this was a great opportunity for me to make that wish come true. I want them to feel loved by me, and us Monsta X, and realize how much we love and think of them.”

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Watch the music video for “Gambler” below.

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