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Mokyo Talks to Kids About Losing a Loved One on ODG

Mokyo Talks to Kids About Losing a Loved One on ODG

Music producer and singer-songwriter Mokyo stopped by the set of ODG Studio to chat with kids about losing a loved one, a topic close to his heart that he addresses in his latest single.

Meeting with the group of young boys and girls, the artist first asked if they were ever apart from their mothers and how they felt when they were not around. The kids echoed the sentiment of longing and sadness. Mokyo explains that he too has felt sadness, pain, and loneliness from being away from his own mom, marking eight years since she passed away.

To honor the memory of the person who was and is his biggest influence, Mokyo wrote a letter in the form of a song that tells his mom how her touch changed his life for the better and to thank her despite his many mistakes and broken promises. Titled “Uleum,” the nuance of the song allows listeners to embody the same emotions towards our loved ones of indefinite love and trust.

“’I cry, just cry.’ When you sang that part, I felt that you lost your mom more than you missed her,” said one of the young boys Ha-rang after Mokyo performed the song on set. The other kids shared empathy and mentioned that others who were away from their moms could relate to the song.

When asked if he feels sad or alone now, Mokyo responded that at the moment he was sad but knowing now that his mom’s existence lives within his heart and is present with him at all times is what makes him feel happy and live happily. “You don’t have to defeat or overcome sadness. There’s a way to not be sad at all if you just think you are still with them,” he said.

He and the kids concluded their chat on a happy note by recalling their happiest memories with their moms, unforgettable moments that varied from hiking trips, keeping promises, and simply sleeping beside them.

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Mokyo’s single “Uleum” released on October 29 and is available on all major music platforms. The artist made his debut in June 2019 with his first EP Hold via H1ghr Music.

Watch the full chat below, and don’t forget to love those around you, remember those who went ahead of us, and live happily.

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