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‘Mighty Oak’ A Heartwarming Tale That Falls Short: Movie Review

‘Mighty Oak’ A Heartwarming Tale That Falls Short: Movie Review

'Mighty Oak' A Heartwarming Tale That Falls Short: Movie Review

There are movies out there that get you inspired and give you hope. Mighty Oak tries to set itself up to be a movie that encourages people and lets them see a better perspective. But its storytelling falls short and the story feels hollow and misses the point it was trying to portray.

Gina Jackson (Janel Parrish) managers her brother Vaughn’s (Levi Dylan) band but after a car crash kills him, Gina finds herself struggling to cope with his death for over 10 years. When Pedro (Carlos PenaVega) finds Oak (Tommy Ragen), a 10 year-old-boy with a lot of musical talent, which then Gina believes is a reincarnation of her brother.

It could be possible to believe that one person can come into your life and help you overcome your struggles but the movie doesn’t give way to allow you to believe that. Characters constantly point out that Gina had mental struggles in the last few years which only leads viewers to believe this is part of that.

Alexa PenaVega delivers the best performances in the movie as Oak’s mother struggling with an addiction. She gives a convincing portrayal and bounces well off of Ragen. But the editing of the film and line delivery from other actors seemed as though they were merely reciting the script instead of embodying it.

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The movie had potential and could have told a story of finding hope after suffering. But it crosses over to cheesy territory. Parrish does the best she can with a character that can borderline feel creepy. The movie would have benefitted from a few more rewrites and a polished script.

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