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MICHELLE Share Bilingual Remix of ‘FYO’ Featuring CHAI

MICHELLE Share Bilingual Remix of ‘FYO’ Featuring CHAI

MICHELLE Share Bilingual Remix of 'FYO' Featuring CHAI

NYC collective MICHELLE has teamed up with all-female Japanese group CHAI for a bilingual remix of their latest single “FYO feat. CHAI” via Canvasback Music. The release comes with an accompanying music video featuring both groups.

The original version of “FYO” was released in January, powerfully recounting MICHELLE’s lead singers’ experiences growing up with mixed-race identities. The remix finds CHAI remixing the track’s production and adding their own opening verse to the top of the song, with lyrics in both Japanese and English. 

MICHELLE shares, “CHAI’s rework of FYO breathes new life and sound into what it means to grow up in a certain state of limbo. To connect audiences and languages across the world in this way, to this particular track, means a lot to us as a band and we hope for our listeners too.”

CHAI’s Mana added, “We can’t get enough of the romantic and nostalgic sounds of MICHELLE! They are like all we listened to this year! WE LOVE YOU MICHELLE♡♡♡!!♡♡♡ I’d say waking up first thing in the morning and listening to MICHELLE is the best! ♡⭐︎♡ Crazy how I added them to my playlist and the next thing I know we get a phone call about a collaboration! And without hesitation of course, we said ‘YES!’ immediately. ♡♡ And this song we did together…it’s super relaxing right?! ♡♡ MICHELLE’s amazing vibes are what’s most striking and WE LOVE IT! They possess something that we don’t and that’s what we admire most♡♡” 

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Speaking on the message behind the single, Jamee Lockard shared, “FYO” is about belonging to different worlds but feeling rejected by both. Growing up as a mixed-race minority in the US, my self concept was warped by other people telling me what I am and am not, pushing and pulling me between identities. Although my feelings of cultural dissonance still ebb and flow, now I have the vocabulary, support system, and perspective to unpack that inner conflict on my own terms. We should never give others the authority to define who we are.”

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