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Meredith Andrews Announces First All-Spanish Album ‘Ábrenos Los Cielos’

Meredith Andrews Announces First All-Spanish Album ‘Ábrenos Los Cielos’

Dove-winning artist Meredith Andrews has announced her first all-Spanish album, Ábrenos Los Cielos set to release May 21, 2021.

“It has always been a dream of mine to record a Spanish album,” shares Andrews. “I’ve had a passion for Central & Latin America all of my life and had the blessing of doing ministry, serving, and leading worship in many countries where Spanish is spoken. God’s heart is for the nations – every tribe and every tongue – and I’m honored to release this collection of songs.”

Ábrenos Los Cielos will share with fans Andrews’ love for God and her heart for His people and will remind listeners not only of God’s enormity but of His love. The 11-song album will contain five feature artists, including Seth Condrey on “Ábrenos Los Cielos (Open Up The Heavens),” labelmate Blanca on “Millones de Santos (A Million Saints),” Lucia Parker on “Fe y Asombro (Faith and Wonder),” Julissa on “Más y Más (On And On),” and Miel San Marcos on “Se Abre Sobre Mi (Open Over Us).”

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Ábrenos Los Cielos Tracklist:

  1. Ábrenos Los Cielos (Open Up The Heavens) feat. Seth Condrey
  2. Millones de Santos (A Million Saints) feat. Blanca
  3. Fe y Asombro (Faith and Wonder) feat. Lucia Parker
  4. Espacia Te Haré (Make Room)
  5. Espíritu Santo de Dios (Spirit Of The Living God)
  6. Ni Un Momento (Not For A Moment)
  7. Sostienes El Mundo (Carry The World)
  8. Más y Más (On And On) feat. Julissa
  9. Se Abre Sobre Mi (Open Over Us) feat. Miel San Marcos
  10. Tengo que Tenerte (Have To Have)
  11. Quién Podría (Who Could)
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