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Maya Delilah Teams Up with Samm Henshaw for ‘Breakup Season’

Maya Delilah Teams Up with Samm Henshaw for ‘Breakup Season’

Singer and guitarist Maya Delilah teams up with Samm Henshaw for “Breakup Season” – the latest from her forthcoming sophomore EP. 

Withe a dreamy blend of atmospheric, warm synths, a smoothly produced mellow soul beat, and Maya’s signature guitar work, “Breakup Season” tells a characteristically playful story of self-empowerment and choosing happiness over anything.

Speaking about the song, Maya shared: “The song shows the two different sides of the breakup with Samm acting as my ex in the song. It talks about the realisation of ‘maybe this has been coming for a while’ and then into an empowering chorus about choosing myself and putting myself first. It is a high-energy song and, although it isn’t a completely jolly subject, it still has a feel-good mood but with a more emotional sounding breakdown section towards the end of the song.”

Drawing inspiration from artists like John Mayer, Daniel Caesar, D’Angelo and Vulfpeck, Maya’s soul-pop sound is inspired by experiences and constant daydreaming. Only 21-years-old, Maya generated a major online buzz from the get-go with her debut track “Tangerine Dream.”

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As a fluent guitar expert and a Marshall Spotlight Artist, Maya began mastering the art of guitar playing at the age of 8 and unique guitar harmonies stand out within Maya’s music; Maya wants to show that girls can be extraordinary on guitar, combat the stereotype of it being ‘a male instrument’ and inspire women and young girls to take up instruments – a central element of her YouTube series, Table Time.

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