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Mau y Ricky Kick Off 2022 with ‘No Puede Ser’ Featuring Eladio Carrión

Mau y Ricky Kick Off 2022 with ‘No Puede Ser’ Featuring Eladio Carrión

Mau y Ricky are kicking off 2022 with their new single “No Puede Ser” featuring Eladio Carrión. Together they bring us a new fusion of rhythms and sounds. Find the song here.

“No Puede Ser” with Eladio Carrión is Mau y Ricky’s first new single of 2022. They give their Latin urban pop sound an electronica twist. The song talks about a heartbreak that they can’t shake off, and together with Carrión, who injects powerful rhymes into the song, they reiterate feelings about being haunted by an old romance that they can’t overcome. The collaboration was produced by Johnny Julca in Miami.

The music video was shot in San Diego by Stillz. The video sees Mau y Ricky visiting a dark and sinister amusement park, taking advantage of the rides and rollercoasters. With comic relief, Carrión calls them and apologizes for not being able to make it because his little dog is sick, although he’s really eating pizza on a roof. Mau y Ricky’s surreal video ends with a creepy clown chasing them around the park.

In 2021, Mau y Ricky enjoyed the biggest successes of their career yet. In September, the brothers kicked off a sold-out tour across Argentina where they performed, for the first time, on four occasions, at the Teatro Gran Rex in front of 12 million people. Their shows continued to be sold out in 13 more cities in the Southern Cone. They will close the tour on February 11 at Luna Park in Buenos Aires. They also headlined the Tecate Pa’l Norte Festival in Mexico where they performed in front of 80,000 people on the main stage. Last month, Mau y Ricky were part of the line-up of stars that headlined HBO Max’s Live On Max concert series. They also offered their experience and advice as professional and global stars to the new generation of artists as coaches on La Voz Argentina and La Voz Kids México, breaking television audience rating records in these countries. 

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Mau y Ricky’s recent hits include “Mal Acostumbrao” with Maria Becerra. The pop urban song has over 100 million streams across all digital platforms. Mau y Ricky launched a new era in their career with the rock-infused “3 de La Mañana” featuring Sebastián Yatra and Mora. 

As artists and songwriters, they participated in co-writing “Sin Pijama” with Becky G and Natti Natasha, which was certified 13-times Diamond in the U.S. Mau y Ricky’s debut album, Para Aventuras y Curiosidades, has been streamed over four billion times across all digital platforms and certified double-Platinum in the U.S. The album features hits like the four-times Diamond “Desconocidos” and the three-times Diamond “La Boca.” Their groundbreaking second album rifresh received millions of streams around the world. 

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