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Matt Redman Releases ‘Let There Be Wonder’ Acoustic EP

Matt Redman Releases ‘Let There Be Wonder’ Acoustic EP

Matt Redman has released his acoustic EP Let There Be Wonder now available on music streaming platforms.

“People found all sorts of ways to make the most of the lockdown moment – for us it was dreaming up this acoustic EP,” Redman shares. “I really enjoyed the process of taking some of the songs from my album, which was released just before the pandemic hit, and finding a new way of voicing them. Producer Steve Marcia had the idea to use a string quartet as a signature sound for this release, and it’s the first time we’ve ever recorded a quartet in lockdown mode – four different string players recording themselves in four different locations.”

“For me, the song ‘Jesus Your Name’ provides one of the key lyrics on this record – ‘Jesus Your name, when the whole world shakes.’ When we wrote that line, we of course had no clue how it would take on new meaning in the midst of a global pandemic and other intense challenges we’ve been faced with during 2020. I love the idea that we can take the power, authority, greatness, and grace of the name of Jesus and sing it over this whole world. More than anything, I hope this new acoustic EP helps people find a new way into these songs – and ultimately leads worshippers to a place of awe and wonder.”

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Listen to the single “Upon Him” below.

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