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MasterClass Announces Legendary Skater Tony Hawk to Teach Skateboarding

MasterClass Announces Legendary Skater Tony Hawk to Teach Skateboarding

  • Class is in! Tony Hawk is teaching a skateboarding class on MasterClass available now.
MasterClass Announces Legendary Skater Tony Hawk to Teach Skateboarding

MasterClass has announced their new instructor. Legendary skater and cultural icon, Tony Hawk will be teaching a class on skateboarding.

Hawk will break down foundational skateboarding techniques in vert, park and street skating, and share intimate stories and insights from his storied career, which helped turn skateboarding into an internationally celebrated sport.

“Tony completely changed the world of skateboarding and we are excited to bring his class to life on Go Skateboarding Day,” said David Rogier, co-founder and CEO of MasterClass. “His MasterClass gives a rare look not only into his skating techniques, but also into his life lessons that will do nothing less than inspire you.”

Tony Hawk is recognized as one of the pioneers of modern skateboarding who elevated the sport’s profile, and he is credited with changing the perception of skateboarding from a subculture to a widely embraced sport. After his brother gave him his first board in the ’70s, Hawk went on to become one of the youngest competing pro athletes by the age of 14. Over the course of his 17-year career, he won more than 70 skateboarding contests and made skate history by becoming the first person to perform and land the 900, a two-and-a-half aerial spin above a vert ramp, during the X Games 5 competition. In 1992, Hawk started his own skateboarding company, BirdHouse, and was inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame in 2009. Hawk established The Tony Hawk Foundation that has awarded $10 million to help create public skateparks around the world.

“Skateboarding is a lesson in perseverance, a lesson in self-confidence and a lesson in belief,” said Hawk. “I hope my MasterClass can show members that you don’t have to be a pro skater to carry these lessons with you for life.”

The class will also include his son and top-level street skateboarder, Riley Hawk, and top-level park skateboarder and future Olympian, Lizzie Armanto. For the first time, Hawk explains the methods and nuances to performing his signature tricks including the Madonna and the 540 McTwist. Each lesson will begin with an inspirational story from Hawk’s past, including how he was bullied as a kid and used skateboarding as an outlet.

To celebrate the launch, MasterClass and Hawk are teaming up for MasterClass presents Tony Hawk’s NBD / Best Trick Challenge, where 21 of the world’s best skaters, including Hawk himself, Bucky Lasek, Lizzie Armanto, and Sky Brown among others, will compete for “Best Trick.” Starting June 24, videos of each trick will be shared on MasterClass’s and Hawk’s social media channels. After public voting ends, the winners will be announced by Hawk on June 29.

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The MasterClass is now available on the platform.

MasterClass also features classes by Disney’s Bob Iger, Vogue’s Anna Wintour, and more.

Watch the trailer below.

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