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Mandisa Releases New Single ‘Ruins’

Mandisa Releases New Single ‘Ruins’

Grammy-winner Mandisa has released the brand new track, “Ruins.” The track is now available here.

“One of the things I love about worship music is that it is a reminder to my soul of who God is and what He can do,” Mandisa says. “Coming out of a particularly difficult year, ‘Ruins’ is a reminder of how God can make beauty from ashes. That is a promise I am clinging to.” 

In addition to the new single, Mandisa has been co-hosting the Out of the Dark Podcast with counselor Laura Williams each Wednesday, focusing on mental health in the body of Christ. Eleven episodes in, Mandisa and Laura tackle difficult subjects like depression, addiction, identity, anxiety, and many other areas of mental health, as well as discussing how if you struggle with these things, some say you may be less of a Christian or are just not praying enough.They discuss that while Jesus IS enough, a relationship with a counselor can help heal wounds that will enhance your relationship with Jesus. They also cover specific topics related to mental health and offer resources to listeners to enhance their journey of personal growth, telling them they can’t do it alone, and that we need to step out of the darkness of shame and guilt and into the light of recovery and redemption. Find out more here.

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